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   Chapter 208 My Happiness

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"No, no, no..."

Hearing the screams behind him, Mark left expressionlessly.

Edward was right. According to his way of doing things, if he really wanted to kill Jessie, why did he use this way. He could have killed her when he was in the Qin family. Why did he have to wait till now.

Besides, except that Daniel had been holding him tightly, Jessie didn't have much impact on him. There was really no enmity between them.

But if he hadn't hidden Jessie, who else could it be?

Could it be that... Is it Lawrence?

"Young master, Lawrence has left before Lady left the villa. At that time, he asked Nita to take care of Lady. If it weren't for Lady, she wouldn't have been killed by Edward. "

"Killed? Are you sure? "

"We found her body in the ice cellar of MR. It's true. " They had searched every corner of MR three times in order to find Jessie. They had also examined the corpses one by one, and even the DNA had been tested. It should be correct.

"By the way, have you found out where Lawrence is now? Even if he had gone abroad at that time, he might not have come back. I heard that Ken is going to lte him take over the Crimson Dragon Society. I don't believe that he really doesn't care about the Crimson Dragon Society because of the disappointment in love. "

With his strength, it was not impossible for him to return home through normal channels. Even if he didn't do it for the sake of the Crimson Dragon Society, he wouldn't sit by and do nothing as long as he knew that something bad had happened to Jessie.

In fact, Mark was very grateful to Lawrence. If it weren't for Lawrence, Mark couldn't imagine what would happen to Jessie if she stayed in the Qin family alone.

She was so stubborn. If no one was around to comfort and persuade her, she would definitely commit suicide if she was not beaten to death.

And under her cowardly appearance, there was such a strong and proud heart. That was why he felt so sorry for her and pitied her.

"Nick, you must find Lawrence by all means."

"Yes, sir."

In the villa of the Qin family

"Mr. Lan, I didn't expect you to come here. Our Crimson Dragon Society has a

le decorated with flowers, but also a world famous band was invited to perform for it. Guests, in addition to the upper class from all over the world, even the royal power in German were present to congratulate.

"M, are you nervous? Why am I so nervous? " Rachel's heart beat wildly as she held her fingers. "How could I be so scared when getting married? If I had known it would be so troublesome to get married, I wouldn't have gotten married. "

With a doting smile, Mark squatted down and looked at the woman in front of him with his tender eyes.

The white and slim wedding dress showed her good figure incisively and vividly. Behind her was a heart-shaped backless, sexy and charming. Her whole body was inlaid with South Africa diamonds, shining in the light, making her incomparably gorgeous. On the waist behind her, a big bowknot extended into a big dragging hem, which not only did not lose her lovely personality, but also did not lose today's wedding solemn.

"Rachel, today is your adult day, and also the wedding day. You can't talk nonsense like this. You have to think about what you should say and what you shouldn't say. Do you understand? "

Rachel pouted, tears welling up in her bright and delicate eyes. She stretched out her arms and cradled Mark's neck.

"M, thank you for taking care of me for so many years. If it weren't for you, I wouldn't have become so outstanding and found my own happiness. Thank you. "

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