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   Chapter 207 If You Don't Hand Him Over, You Will Be Broken

Bullet In The Heart By Mo Ruoxi Characters: 7258

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"YES! Don't you know who you are? " Caleb withdrew his gun complacently and said, "Hurry up. Don't let them catch up again."

"OK, sit tight."

The car was speeding up. Seeing that the cars behind them had been thrown far away, the two of them could not help but breathe a sigh of relief.

With a sudden bang, the car suddenly tilted to one side, and the whole car was in a mess. If it weren't for the fact that Jeffery was good at steering, the car would have crashed into the guardrail.

"What happened, Jeffery?

"We had a flat tire." With a serious look on Jeffery's face. It's so dark to have an abortion at this time.

"What? "Why did the tire suddenly explode? Caleb turned around to look at the car, but there was no trace of the black car, nor did he hear the sound of gunshot. It should not be shot. "What should we do now? We can't change the tire temporarily. "

With a depressed look on her face, Jeffery thought, 'it's still about fifty kilometers from here to Derek. If we keep walking on the inner ring with good condition, we can arrive there in about ten minutes.'


"Caleb, how about we make a bet?"

"……" Caleb was stunned, "don't you want to drive back like this?" When the tire was flat, if they kept driving with this broken tire, perhaps the tire would suddenly fall, and then they would only be more passive.

But it was not easy for them to get rid of those cars. If they stopped and changed the tires, they would be definitely caught up again.

As soon as he finished his words, the figure of the black car appeared behind their car.

Caleb gritted his teeth and said, "no matter what, we are going to die. Let's go. Maybe we are lucky. "

While Jeffery was driving attentively, Caleb tied up Jessie with the safety belt, picked up the weapon in the car and began to deal with the pursuers.

The car sped along with the sound of gunshots and explosions behind, and kept moving at the speed of life and death on the inner ring. They dodged left and right with their cars. Seeing that the black car behind them was knocked down one by one, Caleb smiled coldly.

It was still too early to fight against t

want a woman to be my chip at all. Just like Leslie, if I want him to die, I don't need to do it myself. You've already solved him for me, haven't you? "

With his eyes half closed, a blazing flame could be seen in Mark's eyes, as if he could destroy the whole world with a slight move.

Mark didn't say a word, but he was enveloped by a strong murderous will.

After a while, he said, "my dear brother, since you like to oppose me and study biology so much, why don't you let yourself experience the products you have developed?"

As soon as Mark raised his hand, Nick immediately brought a small bottle full of green liquid medicine. Mark picked it up, shook it in front of Edward, raised his eyebrows and asked, "They found many small colorful bottles in MR, and I don't know what kind of medicine they contain, and I don't know what kind of reaction they will have. Why don't you demonstrate it to me so that I can also have a try?"

Seeing the green bottle in his hand, Edward, who was calm just now, suddenly became flustered.

"Put it down, Mark. You can't use it against me." Edward shouted in fear.

"No? Why? This is carefully studied by you. Don't you even try it yourself? "

"No, I don't want it." The effect of his medicine was expressed in color, just like this bottle of green. As long as he took a sip of it, he would be heartbroken and die terribly.

He would rather be shot by Mark than be tortured like this.

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