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   Chapter 206 Death Is The Real Relief

Bullet In The Heart By Mo Ruoxi Characters: 6447

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"Jessie, since you said you had never loved M, do you dare to swear with Daniel's life?" Rachel stepped forward and looked at Jessie coldly.

Everything that one saw with his eyes was true or false. Only what he felt with his heart was the most real.

Rachel had always been confident in her own feelings. Every time she mentioned the name of Mark to Jessie, she could see the deep love in Jessie's eyes. If she was just acting, then her acting would be great.

It was so unbelievable.

Swear with Daniel's life?

No way.

At the thought of Daniel being tortured in the video, her heart was torn apart. How could she swear with his life.


"What? You don't dare?" Rachel pressed her step by step with a cold face. "You can think that M is blinded by love, but we are not blind. Don't we know what kind of person you are? Today, you can refuse M's proposal, but you can't do this to him! If you have any difficulties, we will help you. I believe M will do anything to help you as long as you ask him. But have you ever thought that once you shoot today, you and him will never be together again?"

"Rachel, why do you have so much to do with her. It's better for Mark to recognize her as soon as possible. Do you really think that gun can hurt him? Don't forget that there are many killers here. She must be dead if she shoots. "

"Shut up!" With a roar of Mark, all the people present fell silent in an instant.

With his eyes wide open, Mark still looked calm without a trace of anger. His deep eyes were flowing and obscure.

"Jessie, did Joseph threaten you again?"


"I can understand if I have to do this for that female killer and Daniel. If you don't believe me, just shoot here. " In front of her, Mark grabbed her hand and pointed the gun at his heart.

Her hands trembled in panic. She felt like she was going to throw the gun away, but her hands and the gun in her han

erek. Because of the gunshot on Jessie's back, she had lost too much blood and was dying. They could only see that the pink dress had already been stained with blood, and they didn't know which internal organs the bullet had hurt. They had no other choice but to race against time.

The car was speeding at a high speed on the inner ring. Suddenly, Jeffery said to Caleb, "Caleb, there is a car following us."

"Get rid of him."

Just as Jeffery was about to step on the gas, three black cars immediately rushed up, one on the left and one on the right.

"Damn it! Who are they? If they were sent by Edward, they wouldn't have come after us. " Said Caleb.

"It doesn't matter who he is. If he can't do it, just shoot. There are durians in the back seat. If you can't, throw them away. " Jeffery paused and said, "You must protect Jessie. Don't let her get hurt two more times."

"Don't worry!"

As soon as he finished speaking, a row of bullets fell on the back of the car, leaving a row of terrifying bullet marks.

"SHIT! They are serious!" With a curse, Caleb pulled out a small quiver, opened the back window, and with a bang at the back, he saw a car instantly fly into the air and turn 360 degrees in the air, and then with a bang, it fell straight to the ground.

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