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   Chapter 108 Good Daughter 1

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In order to accompany Jessie in the hospital, Mark postponed all his work today. However, when he answered John's phone, he had to leave with reluctance.

After he left, Jessie was sitting beside the window in silence, seeming to be thinking of something.

Grace walked to her, put the water on the table in front of her and said gently, "My lady, in fact, you love young master very much, right? It's normal for couples to have a fight. Don't take it to heart. Don't take it to heart. Master is here to console you. "

Hearing that, Jessie raised her eyes and said, "Grace, do you think I'm too sentimental and unreasonable?"

Grace," ..."

Jessie smiled bitterly. Even she herself thought she was a hypocrite, let alone others.

Mark was so nice to her, both for Daniel and for herself. He was perfect.

Everything happened when she didn't trust him.

In fact, she cared about Joyce. After all, she was the only woman that Mark had ever loved. But, even she had said, which man had no past?

Moreover, Joyce had met Mark before her.

People were never contented, especially when it came to love. 'Perhaps what I want is really more and more. That's why I keep worrying about gains and losses, ' thought Jessie.

"By the way, Rachel. Do you know who she is?" Grace nodded and Jessie said: "she said she would come this week. Ask the servant to clean up a room for her."

"Okay, I know."

Grace promised her happily. Jessie had always treated herself as an outsider of her family, and she would never ask the servants to do anything for her no matter what happened in her family.


The scandal of Jessie and John spread fast. In the end, someone dug out their love story. Even John's past girlfriend who was sent abroad by Grandpa Qiao was also found out.

Joyce closed the magazine with a smug smile on her face.

She wanted to pick a fight with her? Humph!

"Joyce, the Qiao family is powerful. If you digging out the truth, aren't you afraid that they will deal with you? If

As an adult, she had never thought of her family and even never asked about it. Now her father had an accident, but she was so confused and only knew to cry and panic. She hated herself very much at this moment.

Joyce sighed helplessly.

Almost all of them from a wealthy family were provided with everything to eat. They seldom plan for themselves, let alone share their family. Seeing her like this, Joyce could also feel her sorrow. If not taking her side, Sharon would definitely hide from others and cry to death for her weak personality.

"Well, don't cry. If crying can solve problems, it's no problem for us to go blind with you." Joyce stood up, took her hand and said, "let's go to the company."

In the interrogation room of police station.

"Mr. Yan, do you know who I am?" Facing Preston, John was sitting there. He leaned against the chair and crossed his legs. There was a sinister look on her pretty face.

Preston looked at him, full of doubts in his heart, but he did not show them.

"Mr. Qiao, the most famous man in the city, how could I not know you. But we have nothing to do with each other. What do you want to say? "

John smiled and sat up straight.

"It's so comfortable to talk with smart people. But I really feel sorry for you. You are a smart man. How could you have a brainless daughter? "

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