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   Chapter 106 You Are Worse Than A Dog

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Darren," ..."

Even though Mark was only acting CEO of Maple, they were not sure whether he would become the CEO of the company sooner or later. Although Nelson had his own organization now, who could guarantee that he would be able to protect her all his life.

His family was on the brink of collapsing. If he offended Mark again

Looking at the worried look on Darren's face, Ivy pulled at the sleeve of his shirt, hinting him to come in.

Just as Darren was hesitating, the door was opened from inside.

When she was woken up by someone's voice, Jessie also didn't want to listen to the sound of Darren. But she was afraid that Grace would suffer loss because of that. She didn't want to leave Grace alone.

"Why are you here?" She looked calm, but her voice was cold and alienated.

"How dare you ask us why we are here? Do you know how you have hurt your father! If you hadn't seduced other men, the Lin family would still have been not bad, at least not now. " The thought that Darren had been running around for business these days made her sad.

No matter how powerful the Lin Group is, it has a large range of business. All of them request to cooperate with us. At least, they have enough business to cooperate with us. They are very proud to cooperate with us.

But now?

They either gave us cold looks or went back home like hiding from plague. They don't know what's wrong with them and why everyone treats them like this.

The company's performance has fallen sharply. In addition to those scandals, the stock price of the Lin Group has fallen like a roller coaster. All the shareholders of the company were furious, and some of them even wanted to withdraw their shares.

In the face of this, how could Ivy not be angry.

Contrary to Ivy's outrage, Darren was much calmer. He was red in the face just now, but now he was quiet without saying a word.

Looking at the two men in front of her, Jessie didn't understand at all what she meant by saying that.

She doub

apse. Why don't you go back to handle your funeral affairs? You can't stand to see them show off their love here."

"Humph! I'm not dealing with your funeral. Can you talk? You mouth is like eating shit. "

The moment Ivy finished her sentence, Darren pulled her back. He cast an angry glance at her, trying to stop her talking.

Feeling wronged and confused.

Hearing what she said, Joe laughed instead of getting angry. He gave a vicious smile and said, "Aunt, if you think I'm rude, then don't listen to me. When unhappy, even a dog will bite people. But you're still here and listen to me. I'm afraid you're even worse than a dog."

"You..." It was the first time that Ivy had been called "bastard", which infuriated her. She was about to retort, but was stopped by Darren's angry stare.

"Mr. Ling, my wife don't know much. Don't take her words seriously."

"Don't worry. Birds of the same feather flock together. I'm not that mean to a beast."

Everyone understood what Joe had said expect Ivy.

Noticing that Darren kept holding her hands and walking away, Ivy was confused and threw his hands off her, asking, "Darren, why didn't you scold them just now? If it were not for that little bitch, how could the Lin Group become like this now? "

"Read more when you're free. Don't act like an idiot," he said in a huff.

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