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   Chapter 101 I Am The Only Mother Of Your Baby

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Joyce touched her swollen cheek. She felt her heart burning.

She looked at him with her stunned eyes and said, "brother, you hit me! You haven't hit me since I was a child, and my father and grandfather haven't hit me either. How can you hit me... "

They all helped her, and even beat her!

Are they crazy?!

"Yes, I hit you today. What's wrong?" Looking at her, Caleb's heart throbbed, but he still pulled a long face.

It was true that he had been taking good care of her since her childhood. Even if it was not for him, the whole Lu family, including Jeffery, John and Mark, all of them pampered her. But what about her?

It didn't become good, but worse and worse.

He didn't expect how kind she could be. At least, she shouldn't try to play tricks on some women, snatching them at all costs. The Lu family were always fair competition. They all knew that she loved Mark, but now she had no chance to get close to him. Why did she keep bothering him?

Everything was not because of Jessie's fault. Why would she blame her anger and resentment on an innocent person.

Caleb couldn't stand just thinking of it.

He patted on John's shoulder and comforted him, "don't be angry. It was her fault today. I apologize for her."

John cast a furious glance at Joyce, and then he shook off his hands and left, "take care of her. I have no time to lecture others' sister."


"Shut up."


Upstairs room.

Although the pain had been alleviated a lot, Jessie still curled up. Her face had gradually turned red and smooth these days, and was as pale as paper, which made people feel very sorry for her.

Mark ran his fingers through her messy hair and picked up a dozen black hair.

He frowned and continued to brush her hair, but again, a lock of hair fell down.

What the hell was going on?

As far as he could remember, she didn't drop any of her hair...

"Ouch..." Hearing her weak voice, Mark's heart twitched. Guilt and

now what happened behind them, let alone the people in front of him.

Her mind was filled with the words that Joyce said before, "I am the only mother of your child..."

It turned out that he did everything he could to keep the baby, just for the sake of Joyce!

It turned out that the reason why he said she didn't deserve to be his child's mother was that he had already had a suitable person in his heart.

She didn't know how long she had been standing, and what she heard was just the heartbreaking sound in her heart, and the severe pain from her body.

As soon as Grace came out of the kitchen and was about to give some medicine to Jessie, she saw Jessie standing at the door of her room and could not help but call "my lady". Everyone downstairs heard that Jessie was just waking up.

"Jessie!" Mark called her name worriedly. Joyce cast a cold glance at her grey face, and her heart was filled with complacency.

That was exactly what she wanted!

Everyone wanted to quarrel with her, but none of them found that Jessie had woken up a long time ago. She just wanted Jessie to know that Mark would always be hers, no matter before, or in the future.

Even if Jessie was pregnant now, the baby's mother could only be her!

She wanted to pick a fight with her?

Well, she was still young.

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