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   Chapter 97 Keep A Mistress About Board

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Jessie turned around and left the room.

Mark was stunned, not knowing what to do.

Was he jealous of her?

Suddenly, she came up with an idea. He was jealous! Wasn't he the same comfortable one with her? How dare he be jealous!


After send Jessie back, John received a call from Caleb. He told her that Mark stayed overnight at Joyce's house and that he had seen the video of Blake on the Internet. Caleb asked him to have a look at the Mark's villa.

As soon as John heard his words, he thought Caleb expressed his concern for Jessie too much. They were all Mark's friends, and it was he who should take care of his own affairs. They had known Mark for a long time. Now that Jessie was registered, all of his friends who used to be Mark's friends turned around to help Jessie.

Reluctantly, John drove back to the villa.

Looking at the villa in silence, even mosquitoes could hear the noise. He snorted. He knew that Caleb was making a fuss because of the video, nothing would happen because Mark stayed out all night long!

Even if that was what Jessie wanted, it would not be Mark!

However, when he saw that Jessie was in a towering rage and muttering at "Mark's lunatic", the corner of his mouth twitched. John was totally stunned.

"My lady, master Qiao is here." Grace quickly came forward to report.

Jessie looked at John who was sitting on the sofa. While walking towards him, she asked doubtfully, "didn't you leave? Why do you come back? " Hearing the footsteps behind her, she immediately wore a flattering smile and added, "are you back to accompany me because you don't want me to leave?"

The corners of John's mouth twitched. He looked at Mark standing on the stairs and swallowed in fear.

They were so angry.

It seemed that they had fought a battle.

Since they had started fighting, there was no need for him to stay.

He would only be the innocent cannon fodder.


Aware of the importance of life, John stood up suddenly

makeup and clothing styling.

Not bad... She was beautiful. Why did he said like that.


Today's banquet was a private party. The other day, after Mark left Joyce's home, he had been working overtime in the company. He hadn't come back until just now. He didn't want to go, but the reason why he took Jessie to the party was that he wanted to spread a rumor!

Everyone believed that Jessie had an affair with John. If he didn't do anything, no one knew what horrible things would happen in the future.

"John, have you found a new girl? Why didn't you show us? "

"Exactly. You have fought for her in public. Why don't you hide it?"

John glared at him and said, "Fuck off! I don't want to keep a mistress! I am not afraid of anything. I am just a man! "

"I know you are a decent man. Why not invite her here. Look at the video. That woman looks young and pure. "

"You like her? Go and get her. Anyway, I'll just say it once. I have nothing to do with her. If anyone of you dare to say it's my woman, I won't spare you! "

Who was Jessie? That was Mark dearest girl. If he just killed her, not to mention chased her, the consequence would be unimaginable.

John didn't know what was so good about Jessie, and he didn't want to get involved in their matters. Just don't drag him into the mire anyway.

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