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   Chapter 96 You Were the Only One Enjoying

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The post was replied by numerous people, with different comments. She disdained to explain anything, especially that it was not true on the Internet.

She turned off the computer and returned to the room with the certificate of equity change.

As soon as she entered the room, she heard the phone ring. She went to the bedside and picked it up. A strange number?

Looking at the cellphone flickering on the bedside table, and then at the bathroom where the sound of running water came from, Jessie asked Mark but he didn't respond, so she paused and pressed the answer button.

"Mark, you left your wallet here. You must have left it on the table after buying groceries last night." A woman's voice was heard clearly, but it was very harsh for Jessie.

Wallet... Buy groceries...

It must be Joyce on the phone!

Otherwise, how could he give away such a private thing!

How could he cook?

He didn't come back last night, so he was at her house!

"Mark, Mark... Why don't you say anything?" Joyce called his name worriedly. Their relationship had just softened a little. She must seize the opportunity and do something at the same time!

She held the cellphone tightly in her hand. Her bright almond eyes squinted, and there was a big fire burning in her eyes!

"Miss Joyce, I'm sorry. My husband is in the shower. He can't answer your phone." Before, Jessie didn't even call him "M", but now she was calling Mark husband intimately.

Although she felt disgusting, she just didn't want to see Joyce being so arrogant.

Joyce choked with sobs. Her good mood disappeared in an instant!


That man was her husband, not Jessie's. She had nothing to be proud of!

She grinned bitterly and said, "Oh, I almost forget that Mark has taken a bath here in the morning and even has a new shirt. He has to take a shower and change his clothes for the party tonight. By the way, Mark is a neat freak. He never needs laundry detergent. He thinks it is dirty!"


No laundry detergent?

Then what did he use?

Jessie turned to look at the bathroom and grumbled in her mind, 'Why was he a big trouble? He thought laundry detergent was dirty? He didn't deserve to liv

heard what Mark said, all her reasons were replaced by anger.

"Seduce him? You said I was trying to hook up with men? Mark, show me the evidence! As long as you can prove that I have hooked up with other men, I will immediately go away and will never be in the place of the Lan family! But if you don't have any evidence, I won't let you off!"

"Evidence? The video with the click more than 100 million is not proof, is it?"

"Online?" Jessie sneered. It was ridiculous! "Well, if you think that's evidence, then it is. If I were bad in your mind, no matter how hard I tried to explain, it would be in vain. Mark, I swear I have never cheated on you for our sham marriage. As for you..."

Jessie sneered at Mark. They didn't trust each other that much, and there was even a video with no sound on it. What a shit!

People with strong imagination might even write a novel of millions of words.

When Jessie wanted to leave, her hand was caught by Mark.

"Jessie, we have been married for so long. Have you really never cheated on me? Don't forget that you give your first time to a man called M, not for Mark of the Lan family!"

Jessie wanted to beat him hard.

She didn't expect that he would say something like that.

'Wasn't M the same with Mr. Mark?

Wasn't it? Wasn't it?'

She glared at him and questioned loudly, "Mark, are you insane? No matter who I gave my first time to, you are still the only one who is having fun on top of me!"

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