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   Chapter 95 Useless Person Should Be Dealt

Bullet In The Heart By Mo Ruoxi Characters: 7103

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John drove Jessie back home. Except that "thank you" from Jessie, they didn't say anything on the way.

As soon as she entered the yard, she saw Grace pacing back and forth, as if she was worried about something.

She walked to her and asked in a soft voice, "Grace, what are you doing here?"

Grace saw Jessie, the uneasiness on her face disappeared, she looked at the room and then said, "Mrs. Jessie, didn't you say you would be back soon? And told me you will take the driver and bodyguards with you. That's why I let you to go out. How could you let them go out and meet someone else on your own? I heard you were beaten by that man. Did you get hurt?"

Jessie squinted slightly and said in a low voice, "Grace, how do you know that? Did they say that?"

"Of course not. The video you were beaten was online and Mr. Mark lost his temper just now. He even threatened to punish Denny and others. Be careful when you get in. Don't make Mr. Mark angry again."

Did not piss him off again?

She was not angry, how could he be angry?

Jessie raised her head proudly and walked into the house.

In the dead silence, there was a looming murderous air in the room.

With his long legs crossed, Mark sat on the couch, staring angrily at the two men with a sullen face.

Hearing the servants call Mrs. Jessie, Mark glanced at Jessie and said coldly, "You finally come back!"


'What did you mean by you finally come back?' She should be the one who said that.

It seemed that he hadn't come home all night!

She walked up to him and stood in front of him. "Mr. Mark, of course I know where to go. This is the only place where I can stay. If I don't come back, where else can I go. I can't compare with someone who has home everywhere. He is so lucky that many people are jealous of him."

Hearing what Jessie had said, Grace felt worried and quickly went to her. She pulled her clothes and hinted her not to talk like this.

Jessie felt so annoyed and threw away Grace's hand. How could he sleep with another woman and not let her go!

For what?

Mark turned from anger to fury!

He sent so

ad title! They were all written wrong!

What was a distinguished woman? Was she famous? Or was she born in a famous family? What else did they mean?

And what the hell was unknown person?

Didn't John very famous? Why did he become an unknown person?

Did the editor made all these up? How horrible the writing skill was!

Touching the mouse to check the post online, Jessie didn't find that someone was taking video at all! Besides, those netizens really liked to associate the photos with something else. How could they didn't know anything and say something so firmly? Did they really think that they were witnessing the whole process on the scene?

"There must be something wrong with the man! How could he beat a woman? He deserved it! "

"She is not a good woman. Since she doesn't have any feelings for him, why should she accept other people's kindness? Why does she come out for coffee? "

"Are you out of your mind? Drinking coffee doesn't mean that she will be his girlfriend! So many people had one night stand. They were not married. Did they should be castrated? "

"Men who beat women are worse than beasts. Heroes save the beauty are so interesting. Please take me. "

"It's all women's fault. He has given her the company's shares, but she is still not satisfied. She deserves to be beaten! "

Jessie was speechless. How about let her die for two seconds?

They were terrible.

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