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   Chapter 94 Just a Backup

Bullet In The Heart By Mo Ruoxi Characters: 6946

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When John had just parked the car at the roadside and was about to enter the shop to buy coffee, he heard someone gossip that a man bullied a woman inside. Although he was not a person who liked to defend others, he couldn't stand by and do nothing when he was holding back from buying coffee.

He ran here valiantly, wanting to see what kind of woman was beaten. Unfortunately, he saw that Jessie's hair was caught by Blake and her clothes were torn.

The day before yesterday, they said that they wanted to protect Jessie. It hadn't been 24 hours, and he saw her being bullied, he had to do something even if he didn't want to.

Seeing that Blake was thinking about how to ravish of Jessie, John quickly stepped forward, put his hand around Jessie's waist and lifted his leg to kick Blake.

Then he let go of her and clenched his fists and beat him again. Seeing that he was hit to the ground and had no strength to resist, John stood up and tried to remove the dust on his body handsomely. He said harshly, "If you are wise, stay away from this woman from now on. Otherwise, you won't be so lucky next time. I can't guarantee that I'm that gentle every time!"

John wanted to warn Blake that it was only a lesson from him. If he continued to provoke her, he would be the one who died.

"How... How could you..." Jessie was still stunned.

"Don't ask me why I am here. I don't want to appear here, nor do I want to save you. It was just a coincidence."


She had thought that no one would come to save her, but she didn't expect that John appeared like a God from heaven and solved all the problems.

At that moment, she thought he was so manly!

However, looking at the tempting and disdainful face of John, Jessie really didn't know what to say.

She wanted to express her thanks to him, but she was directly choked by his words. She couldn't have excessive passion to him who didn't like her.


Because of the fight, the table, chairs, and tableware were all damaged. Just before Jessie was about to pay for the damages, s

I just feel that what kind of life Mark wants to live and who he wants to marry. It's always his own business. I don't want to impose my will on him because of my baby. And I don't want to force him to choose me. I know, I have been forced to live in the past. It's very painful to live with a person you don't love."

Just like in the past, she was forced to marry into the Lan family and do something she didn't want to do... Thinking of those past days, Jessie felt like a fishbone stuck in her throat, which hurt her so much that she couldn't say anything.

John remained silent.

He had always believed that Jessie was that kind of girl from a rich family. Even though she was not liked by her family and had lived a life as a Cinderella, and suffered a lot, she was not pitiful.

It was because she was a pawn of Nelson; it was also because she wanted to hurt Mark.

But now listening to her, his heart seemed to have changed a little.

Maybe she was not that annoying?

When John had just had this idea, another voice came to him and interrupted him.

Women were born to be actors. No matter who she faced or what kind of script she came across, she was able to grasp the script very well. She could act in different ways to make people feel pity for her and then fall in love with her.

John reminded himself, 'Have you forgotten the lessons in the past?

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