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   Chapter 93 You Have No Right To Dislike Me

Bullet In The Heart By Mo Ruoxi Characters: 6810

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Blake realized that he was wrong when he thought she could lead a comfortable life after taking control of the Lin Group.

That was not what she wanted.

What she wanted was a husband who loved her mother very much, a father who was able to take a sense of family responsibility

However, no matter what she had tried, she couldn't get them back.

Jessie looked down blankly at the cappuccino in front of her, and her heart ached slightly.

"Mom has passed away. I can take care of my little brother. I don't want to think about other things. But, Ellie Lin is still young, she still has a lot of money to spend in the future, give the company back to him, he is basically a useless person without company. "

"What? Your mother passed away? When did it happen? " Blake was stunned. When he saw Jessie's sad face, he felt a pang in his heart.

Jessie forced a smile to cover her sadness. However, the more she wanted to do so, the more pitiful her face was.

"It's all over now. Document for the transfer of shares. Send it to me as soon as possible. I'll print it out, sign it, and have it sent to you. "

"Okay" said Blake. His black bright eyes turned back to the cold and ruthless one before, and returned to the gentle eyes. He looked at Jessie with sadness and pity.

Suddenly, he held Jessie's hand. Jessie was so scared that she wanted to withdraw her hand, but her hand was held tightly.

"Blake Wu, what are you doing! Let me go! " Shouted Jessie. She didn't want to overreact in public because she didn't want to attract too much attention.

"No, I won't let you go!" He refused her firmly. He came back to find her this time, in order to get everything back to the beginning point. Since Mark had reconciled with his old lover, why did she still have to grievance herself.

He gripped her hand even tighter.

"Jessie, why don't you divorce him! He doesn't deserve you. Since your mother has passed away, you don't have to sacrifice yourself for others. You can leave this marriage without hesitation. As

lewd women you have been, how dare you stand out to me! I tell you, even if I come in public today, they can't sue me. Do you believe it? "

As he spoke, he reached out and pulled her clothes. Her smooth and white shoulder was immediately exposed.

Hearing that, Jessie felt so suffocated and afraid.

Her hair was still grabbed tightly by the strong men. Seeing that her clothes were about to be pulled down, she had to ask for help from her men, because she didn't have time to pay attention to both sides.

"Help Please call the police for me Please... "

At first, no one dared to move, and the situation was getting worse and worse. The waiter quietly took out his mobile phone. As soon as the phone was connected, before he could speak, he was kicked away by the sweeping leg of Blake.

The phone fell to the ground and was smashed into pieces.

Everyone was timid and hiding aside. No one dared to call the police, let alone stand out. It was not terrible to fight. They were afraid of getting into a fight with a madman.

With a shriek, almost half of her shirt was torn off, and only her entire arm was exposed, even her underwear. Just when Jessie was in despair, suddenly a figure flashed by, and she heard a scream coming from behind. Jessie felt her scalp free, and when she turned around, she was stunned.

"What? It's you..."

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