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   Chapter 91 Uneasiness

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Anger smoldered in Joyce's heart. At first, it was merely a matter between her and Mark. She didn't want to get anyone involved, but since the situation was like this, she had to do something.

'Jessie, don't blame it on me! It's not my fault! It's Mark!

He can only be mine.'


After Caleb and others left Joyce's house, they found a cafe to drink coffee.

Caleb asked, "Do you know that is there any antidote for Jessie's poison?"

John and Jeffery shook their heads, and John said with a cunning smile, "Why do you care about that woman? Whether she's detoxed or not, it's none of your business! Did you..."

"Fuck off!" Caleb cast a cold glance at him. It was a boring joke. When he saw the disgusted expression on Caleb's face, John shrugged and asked, "So why do you ask this? That was what Mark should care about. Derek reports to him the research progress of the antidote every day, doesn't he?"

"Well, I feel like something bad is going to happen."

"Something happened? Who? Jessie?" John said sarcastically. How could anything happen to her! Mark had sent so many people to protect the villa, including so many infrared cameras. As long as she didn't leave the villa, nothing could happen!

She was so well guarded that even bugs can't get in, let alone people.

With a mocking smile, he mocked, "Caleb, haven't you had much work to do recently? Do you want me to find a woman for you? You didn't worry about Joyce who is trying to kill herself. Why do you even worry about other people's wife? Do you have anything else to do?"

Jeffery nodded to agree.

Jessie was poisoned and she got pregnant. In order to save Daniel, Mark had directly destroyed MR for saving him. What's more, Mark had made Leslie disabled, and also left Nelson in the hospital, being paralyzed. When all kinds of dangerous factors mixed up, Mark would not let go of Jessie's

he swore at the two nosy men over and over again.


Since Mark left at noon, Jessie had been staying in her room. When she heard some noise downstairs, she rushed downstairs immediately. She searched the room for Mark but she didn't find him. Then she returned her room disappointedly.

She just came back and forth like this for a whole day.

She had dinner absent mindedly, washed up and then lay in bed. Looking at the empty place beside her, she felt her heart was also empty.

Where on earth did he go?

He just saw his ex-girlfriend and didn't get any reaction. Why did he look worried?

Jessie felt bad. His ex-girlfriend showed up. He left and didn't even notice her. What did he take her for?

She got off the bed and went downstairs.

"Grace, do you know how to find Mark? I couldn't get through to him."

"…… Perhaps Mr. Mark is busy. I don't have any contact information except his phone number. Shall I ask Mr. John for you?"


The thought of that enchanting look, Jessie chilled.

She was his enemy. He would not tell her where Mark was even if he knew it.

"Oh, nothing. Forget it."] Grace nodded. Just when she turned around and was about to leave, Jessie suddenly called her, "Grace, do you know Joyce?"

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