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   Chapter 90 He Only Cared About Jessie

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Seeing that Joyce gave no reaction at all, Caleb was so angry that he didn't know what to say. He opened the door and walked out of the living room, looked at Mark and said, "You handle your own business. I won't meddle in it from now on!" Then he walked to the door, opened it and strode away.

Jeffery and John also looked at Mark. Then they stood up and left after Cable.

Hearing the door close, Joyce picked up the quilt and threw it on the floor. She was just pursuing her love. How could she become a sinner! They all put forward to protect Jessie, and even her brother who cared about her most was on that woman's side. What was so good about her!

Jessie, Jessie...

On hearing the knock, Joyce immediately tensed up. Hadn't they all left? How could there be anyone...

The door opened and Joyce saw Mark's face.

She was slightly stunned, and then she was happy. Pretending to be a little pitiful, she said, "you... You haven't left?"

"Yes" Mark replied, handing the cup in his hand to Joyce. "This is brown sugar water. Drink it before it gets cold."

"What... Do you remember? !" Joyce asked in an affirmative tone. She was sure that not only Mark remembered that her period suffered from dysmenorrhea every month, but also remembered everything that was related to her.

They had so many years of memory. Each of them could make him remembered forever. But what about Jessie?

They had known each other for only a few months. Even if she was pregnant, it didn't matter at all!

What's more, their relationship is as pure as the white paper. There is no way that Jessie will take my man away from me!

Joyce sneered in her mind. Brown sugar water was only the first step!

She was going to take everything back.

Mark didn't say a word. Joyce took over the glass and said, "You made this glass yourself. There are two cups in total, one for you and one for me. You say that it will represent all your life, then you say that..."

"If you are okay, I'll go fi

never know how to be careful."

Joyce pouted her lips and grumbled, "you've been with me all the time. If women can do everything well, why do I need men?"

Hearing that, Mark's hand suddenly paused. Perhaps it was because he exerted too much strength that Joyce cried out in pain, "Mark, take it easy. It hurts."

"Oh, I'm sorry." Mark came back to his senses and continued applying medicine to her wound.

If a woman was capable of everything, why did she still need a man...

It was true that women didn't have to be strong in everything.

He fixed his dark eyes on Joyce and thought, 'this woman in front of me is a strong woman and she is very loyal to me. But what about her?

If it were Jessie, she would have hidden in her room, silently applying medicine for herself, and she would say that it was just an accident to get it.

She was such a pitiful woman. How could he bear to hurt her again.

When a man looked at her so infatuated, all women's hearts would bump like a deer.

But Joyce's heart grew colder and colder.

Who was he looking at?

His deep eyes were looking at her, but full of love, as if looking at someone through her.

Joyce bit her lips and fixed her eyes on the man in front of her.

'Mark, do you really love her? Even when you were with me, you still thought about her!'

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