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   Chapter 89 Mistress Is She Not Me!

Bullet In The Heart By Mo Ruoxi Characters: 6601

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"Mark, is this how you treat your brother's sister? Do you know how important pregnancy is for a woman! Because you know that Joyce can't get pregnant, you just fall in love with Jessie, don't you? Just because she is pregnant and you don't even care if she shot you, do you? I tell you, even if Joyce doesn't blame you for what you have done, I won't let it go so easily! "

Mark was speechless. If it was Caleb who punched him, he would take it!

His own willing.

He indeed neglected Joyce back then. If he had been more considerate and paid more attention to her, perhaps he could have known her pregnancy earlier and taken her to the hospital for surgery earlier, which would not have caused a massive haemorrhage.

"I'm sorry." It was the first time that Mark had apologized to his brothers. Most of the time, they would forgive each other even if he had done something wrong. They would not need to apologize at all. But as for Joyce, he couldn't make it up for her except apologizing.

His chest was heaving with rage, and when Caleb heard Mark's apology, the anger in his heart was more than a surge.

"Sorry?! Dare you say that again! "

The reason why Cable was mad was that Mark hadn't told him these things and he had kept them in the dark for so many years.

Did he really treat him as a good friend!

As he said, he stretched out his hand and wanted to give his brother another punch, but he was pulled back by Jeffery.

"All right, Caleb. Calm down. Nothing could be changed even if you beat him to death today. Mark has his own reasons and he had a difficult time. You know clearly his situation in those years, so please understand him. "

"Exactly! Take a seat, Mark. Caleb, if you dare beat him again, I will tie you up! "

For reasons John couldn't tell, Mark was the one John knew most and John would always protect him. He had endured it and would never allow Caleb to hit Mark a second time!

The four people sat on the s

we would have married long ago. How could we let that woman get in our marriage! Only that woman, not me, is the mistress. " Joyce restrained her feelings, calmed down and said, "Brother, you shouldn't have come to persuade me today. You should go to persuade your good friend to persuade Mark to get rid of that woman as soon as possible. I have paid so much for him, even my own life. I am the woman who needs him to be responsible for!"

"That's enough, Joyce! We gave in to you because you are our family. But you can't be so unscrupulous! No one in the world owes you anything! " Caleb hadn't expected that she would have been like this!

How could she be so shameless as to divorce Mark in the name of love! How dare she shamelessly say that Jessie was just a mistress, not her!

The fact was that even though they were forced to live in the same house and they were forced to do so, nobody could change the fact, no matter whether Jessie and Mark fell in love or not.

Jessie was just a victim. Therefore, it would be too unfair for Joyce to take revenge on her.

However, no matter what, in Joyce's heart, she was the victim and the most worthy of sympathy. Because of her love for Mark, it was not Mark's fault no matter what he had done to her or what he had done.

That was because of Jessie.

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