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   Chapter 88 Joyce Is A Fool

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"Not dead? So you mean she is fooling us all these years? " John gnashed his teeth in anger when he recalled how Mark tortured himself when he knew that Joyce was dead.

He picked up the spirits on the table and drank it up.

"She has been missing for three years. Why didn't she come back? No matter what happens to her, she should try to contact her family and us. How selfish she is! How could you have a daughter like her in your Lu family? "

Caleb," ..."

Although Joyce was a member of the Lu family, it was a pure human being. They were also victims. They didn't know that she came back to life. How could they blame it on others?!

He felt wronged.

Complained John. Jeffery pushed him with his elbow and signaled him to look at Mark.

John sighed and shut up.

Everyone knew that it was a good thing that Joyce didn't die. After all, they loved each other very much in the past. And Mark had been blaming himself for Joyce's death.

However, the most troublesome thing was that Mark was already married!

They could see clearly that he loved Jessie so much. What's more, Jessie was pregnant now. If he wanted to get rid of Jessie for Joyce, it would be impossible for him.

That was unfair for Jessie.

However, there was flesh on both hands and back. Cutting any one of them would be a heartbreaking pain.

"Mark, what's your plan? Derek said that Jessie's health is not very well. Do you want to hide your affair with Joyce? "

"Conceal something?" Mark snorted and drained his glass. "They saw each other this morning."

"Really? So soon! "

Yes, so fast!

His deep and sharp eyes were filled with gloom in an instant. His handsome face was covered with sadness.

He hadn't been ready for accepting it yet.

The three of them looked at each other, worried.

They all knew what kind of person Joyce was. She was open and easy-going! However, she was a woman who would never stop until she got what she wanted. If she gave up and didn't love him anymore, then t

nd sweating face.

He knew that she would suffer so much, but why was he so cruel to ignore her?

"Mark!" Caleb called him coldly. Then with a "bang", he stretched out his hand and punched Mark hard.

Mark was hit to stagger backward. John holding Mark, and Jeffery holding Caleb, they were afraid that they would fight again.

Glaring at Mark, Caleb shouted, "What the hell did you do to torture Joyce? Why can't she have any child? Why did she have to endure such pain every month! If the doctor didn't say it out, would you keep it from us forever? "

The Lu family had been taking good care of Joyce since she was a little girl. They had been spoiling her so much that if she really liked it, they would give her as much as they could. But what about Mark?

She liked him and went all the way to America to study the major she hated most in order to get close to him and be with him.

But look at him!

She had heard all kinds of disparaging and disdainful words... Seeing that, he could do nothing but sympathize with her, because he knew that Joyce liked that.

However, Cable didn't expect that she would conceal the important matters, such as pregnancy, miscarriage and infertility, which would affect her whole life. He even couldn't bear that his sister had been bullied like that.

Joyce was just an idiot!

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