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   Chapter 87 The More He Loved Her, The More He hated Her

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"Yes." Mark replied without hesitation. His attitude was clear. He didn't want Joyce to have too much contact with Jessie. Not because he was afraid that she would say something to Jessie, but because that he didn't want Jessie to get hurt.

"Honey, are you hungry? Let's go to eat something." He took Jessie's hand and walked away.

"Wait a minute," the sales man ran out of the shop and handed over the shopping list to Mark and said, "Mr. Lan, here are your shopping list. The phone of our shop is on it. If you need any baby products in the future, you can call this number and we'll send them to your home."

Mark took the list and nodded before he left.

Baby products?

They had a child!

They had met each other for less than three months, but they already had a child!

Good, very good!

She glared fiercely at Jessie's back, clenching her fists so tightly that she didn't even feel the pain of nail piercing into her flesh.


You protected this woman so much today. I'll make you regret!'

Mark had booked a table at a restaurant on the fifth floor when he bought milk. Then they went straight to the fifth floor.

"Mr. Mark, shall we serve the dishes now? Or do you want to order something else for your wife?" The restaurant manager said respectfully with the menu in his hand.

Mark took over the menu and put it in front of Jessie. He said in a soft voice, "I have ordered a few dishes. You can see if there is anything you want to eat."

Just now, his face was darker, but the unhappy look disappeared in front of Jessie. His handsome face was always filled with spoiling tenderness for her.

Jessie picked up the menu and handed it to the manager, "That's it. Just serve the dishes."

The manager cast a glance at Mark and saw his expression. He said okay and left.

Both of them were silent and lost in thought.

After a long time, Jessie asked anxiously.

"Is that your ex-girlfriend?"

Mark raised his head, with a complicated expression in his eyes.

According to the conversation just now, what happened between him and that girl was easy to be understood. Moreover, Jessie was not a jealous per

talk to me for the rest of your life!'

Just now, Jessie promised to herself that she wouldn't see him again. Soon enough, she couldn't wait to go downstairs.

"Grace, where is Mark?"

"…… Mr. Mark is out."

"Out? When did it happen?"

"Just... When you closed the door, he took a quick look at you and then left."

Jessie squinted and thought to herself, 'Mark, don't come back if you dare!"


After Mark left the villa, he went to the bar directly.

Drinking in the daytime was not his habit, but he could do nothing. His mind was full of the faces of Joyce and Jessie. He could not find other ways to get rid of reality.

"Wow! Mr. Mark invited us to have a drink. It's still daytime. I can't believe it!"

"Fuck off! Don't blame me. I didn't call you."

John looked at Caleb and Jeffery, "What's wrong with him? That woman dumped you again?"

Without saying a word, Mark kept drinking, and they could easily tell how irritated he was from the empty bottles piling up all over the table.

"Stop drinking, Mark." Caleb reached out his hand to pull him back, but was pulled away by Mark.

"If you are my friend, then drink with me. If not, leave here!"


Since John and Jeffery had just come back from abroad, they didn't know what had happened to Mark. They could only look suspiciously at Caleb.

After taking a look at Mark, Caleb continued after a pause, "Joyce isn't dead. She's back."

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