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   Chapter 86 New Sweetheart And Old Lover

Bullet In The Heart By Mo Ruoxi Characters: 7358

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When they just arrived at the baby supplies department, they heard a faint sound. Mark turned his face to look. Jessie's face was red and said, "I... I'm hungry. " For the powerful digestion system, Jessie really wanted to find a hole to go down, but it was really... It was so embarrassing.

Hearing that, Mark gave a pampering smile and said in a soft voice, "pregnant women are easy to be hungry. It is normal for them to digest the food by themselves. Let's eat something first and then go shopping. What do you want to eat? "

"Well, I have nothing special to eat now. Could you buy me a glass of milk?"

"…… Okay. "

Hearing that, Mark turned around to buy some milk downstairs. Looking at the tall and strong back of that woman, Jessie felt touched in her heart.

However, she didn't know how long this kind of feeling would last!

What's more, he had done to her before. She couldn't tell why he was so nice to her.

Was it because he loved her or... Because of the baby!

When she was boring, she came to the baby supplies department alone. There were various kinds of cute and exquisite clothes, shoes and hats in the showcase, which attracted Jessie so much.

"So adorable..." She liked them so much and wanted to buy all of them.

"Miss, if you like, you can come in and have a look. There are many new styles. I can also introduce them to you. "

Hearing the sound behind her, Jessie turned his head and was stunned. Then she walked into the shop.

"Miss, do you buy it for yourself or give it to others? How old is your baby? I can recommend it to you. "

"……" Jessie was a little confused, "I'll check that by myself first. I'll call you if I need help."

The salesgirl cast a contemptuous glance at Jessie and said mockingly, "take your time. These are all international brands. They are expensive."

Jessie," ..."

Are the sales now so bad? She just wanted to have a look at it and could afford it. Was it necessary to have such an attitude?!

No wonder she could only be the salesperson all her life!

Too lazy to argue with her, Jessie just looked at the commodities.

The thought that she had wasted so much enthusiasm but met a poor guy who only di

l have the best. It's not a big deal. You're always so economical and frugal. Then why did I make so much money for? "

Jessie," ..."

Anyway, it was his money. He could do whatever he liked.

Jessie didn't refuse. Mark looked at the saleswoman and said, "pay the bill and send the things to my house."

With that, he sent the bill, wrote down the address of the villa by swishing, and then pulled Jessie away.


As soon as Joyce was discharged from the hospital, she asked her best friend to go shopping with her since she was in a bad mood.

When they were wandering around, they came to the baby supplies store. They happened to meet Mark there.

The four people looked at each other with mixed feelings, and the flames of fury erupted.

Jessie looked at Joyce and then looked at Mark, feeling uneasy.

There was a murderous look!

Joyce was angry and hateful at the same time when seeing Mark holding Jessie's hand. With a cold face, she asked in a low voice, "Mark, is this your wife? Why don't you introduce them to me? "

Suddenly, Mark's gentle face darkened. His deep and cold eyes looked at her as if she was a stranger.

"You don't need to know!"

Joyce's heart missed a beat and her face turned pale.

She gnashed her teeth and stared at Mark.

"Mark, we used to be a couple. Why are you doing this to me! You're married. It's okay to introduce your wife. You treasure her so much. Are you afraid that I will eat her up? "

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