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   Chapter 81 Mental Disease

Bullet In The Heart By Mo Ruoxi Characters: 6763

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"Since Mr. Mark doesn't dare to explain it to you, then let me explain it for him. Miss Lu, a few months ago, Mark got married with Jessie the daughter of the Lin family. Now, you are just a mistress at most! "

Get married?

How is that possible?

He had been waiting so long. Why didn't he wait anymore!

It was only a few months

"Mark, you told me it's not true. You are not married, right. You always love me, right? "

With tears in her eyes, Joyce looked at Mark. She didn't believe anyone and she only wanted him to tell her personally.

After a pause, Mark looked at Blake and said coldly, "what happened between me and Jessie is none of your business!"

"You..." "I won't just stand aside and watch Jessie get hurt. Let's wait and see! "

Blake left in a rage while Joyce was waiting for Mark's answer while looking at him.

"Mark, tell me. You are not married. You still love me, right?"

Joyce kept saying that he still loved her. She didn't want to upset herself.

Mark didn't answer her question directly. Instead, he gave her an ambiguous answer, which made her feel uneasy and scared.

She came back this time to marry him. She didn't want to be his mistress. She didn't want to be!

"Mark, you promised me that you would marry me. You said that you only love me in your life. Have you forgotten? The happiness before, the happiness and the child... Have you forgotten all of these? "

"I didn't forget."

"You didn't forget? Haven't you forgotten why you want to marry another man? You haven't forgotten, why didn't you wait for me! You didn't forget... Waah... You are always mine. You are always mine... "

Joyce gave a punch on his chest, but the punch was so weak that it hurt as if her heart had been broken into pieces.

At last, he simply said sorry and then ran away from her.

Looking at the familiar back, Joyce immediately stopped crying and gritted her teeth. Her red and swollen eyes were filled with ferocity.

'Mark, you are mine forever. No one

girl, take the medicine."

"No way!"

Jessie turned her head and resisted.

Mark stared at her without saying a word.

Both of them were silent.

After a while, Mark said in a soft voice, "I know you're not feeling well now and you're uncomfortable. But no matter how uncomfortable you are, you have to take the medicine. You are not a child. You can't be so capricious. "

"I'm just being childish. So what?" Jessie turned around, looking at him coldly. "I know I'm dying. Why do I have to take this medicine! Do you really think I don't know what you are worrying about, my baby? You never really care about me! "

Not knowing how to get out of here, Jessie was overwhelmed by grief. What he said never changed.

What did he mean by saying that she didn't deserve to be his child's mother!

Since she didn't deserve it, she didn't deserve to give birth to his child either.

She would rather die worse than take the medicine and live a life.

"Will you drink it or not?" His gentle face turned cold in an instant. Jessie knew that he was angry.

However, it had nothing to do with her!


"Okay!" Hearing that, Mark squinted coldly. When she was stunned, Mark suddenly came close to her, held her head with one hand, put his lips to hers, and slowly poured the Chinese medicine into her mouth with his mouth.

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