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   Chapter 79 Mark's ex return

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"Grandpa, grandma, happy golden marriage." Caleb hugged Mrs. Lu. When he tried to hug Liam, but Liam stopped him by glaring at him.

"You brat! Why are you so late? Where have you been?"

"Grandpa, I didn't. There is an international video conference held by our company. I drove here as soon as I finished the conference. " He put on a pitiful look and replied, "I am innocent.".

"Well, I'll let you go for business. If I know you are out on the bar again, I'll break your "third" leg!"

Caleb," ..."

He curled his lips and thought, 'this old man is really heartless. After all, I'm the only son in the Lu family. How could he do this to me?'!

He couldn't imagine what would happen to the Lu family if he lost his "third" leg.

He would be the one to cry, not Caleb!

"Well, I should introduce someone to you on today's big day." Then Liam waved to the people behind him and said, "Joyce, come here."


Mark and Caleb looked at each other, stunned.

Seeing that Joyce walked towards him with a smile on her face, Mark felt his heart tightened and his face turned gloomy in an instant.

"Joyce, you're not dead!"

Joyce pouted, wrinkling her beautiful eyebrows. What a bullshit! If she died, was she the ghost!

"You want me to die, don't you? Don't you feel happy to see me live well? "

"No, it's not what you think." Seeing Joyce come back, Caleb was very happy. But when he thought of the car accident three years ago, he couldn't help scolding her.

"You're still alive, but why didn't you come back earlier? Do you know how worried we are. It's been three years before you came back. If you make a phone call and send us a message, will you die? "

"Alright, alright. I know I was wrong. Brother, don't be angry. I really have my own difficulties. " Joyce held his arm and acted cute, just like what she did when she was a child.

Seeing the intimate behavior betw

she hadn't been in the car.

And today, he would not marry another woman...

At the moment, Mark didn't know how to face the surprise. He admitted that Joyce still held a special place in his heart. But when he saw Joyce standing in front of him in this way, he was at a loss.


All of a sudden, a bright voice came through. A familiar voice came through loud and clear. As soon as he heard the voice, Mark could not help but tighten his body. What a familiar voice! What a familiar name...

There had been countless nights when he had been haunted by a person all the time. But now she appeared, he was stunned.

Looking at his back quietly, Joyce couldn't resist all her feelings.

Bitterness, pain, joy, timidity...

"Mark..." An uncertain voice sounded again. Three years had passed. Although Joyce still loved Mark in her heart, she was really scared when she saw the familiar yet strange back.

She felt her heart was blocked by sponge, which made her hard to breathe. Her eyes were even reddened by her tears.

Did he really abandon her?

After a while, Mark turned around and Joyce opened her arms to hold him tightly regardless of her shyness.

She had an urge to cry and said, "I'm back, Mark. I miss you... I miss you so much... "

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