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   Chapter 78 Humans Are Selfish Animals

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What Grace said was like a steel needle stabbing into Mark's heart, and it was so painful that he almost could not breathe.

He knew what Grace meant. He didn't want to see Jessie get hurt. However, there were many things in the world that he didn't want to do.

Most people were helpless.

As for what had happened to him and Jessie, he didn't want to explain too much. When he was a child, he had understood that he cared too much about others, and he was the one who got hurt in the end.

And now, he cared too much about Jessie, so he was caught in such a dilemma.


"There is a banquet tonight. It's about time." Nick reminded him in a low voice.

"Yes. Got it. " Then he turned around and left.

In the grand hall, there was a fancy Blue Palace lamp. The fringes were quivering slightly as the floor was glittering and the blue curtain was hanging down. People could feel dreamy when they came here.

It was the wedding anniversary of Liam Lu, a rich man in the city. His wife got cancer not long ago. After a series of treatment, her health was better, but her condition was still not optimistic.

Therefore, Liam wanted to take this opportunity to create an unforgettable anniversary for his wife.

Most of the guests invited today were couples. It was said that Liam had been doing business for decades with sharp eyes and sharp hands. But at home, he and his wife had always been in a good relationship for decades. Apart from his abilities in business, they were also envious of each other, so they wanted to take this opportunity to gloat over the event.

In a place full of celebrities like this, Darren and Ivy must come.

"Ellie, did I say anything wrong? There will be a lot of single men on this kind of occasion. Let me help you choose the right one."

Ivy glanced at the men present with her radar like eyes. As long as the man met her requirements, she would introduce him to Ellie one by one.

Ellie rolled her eyes speechlessly with an expression of unbearable.

Since Jessie got married to the Lan family, Ivy felt that it was unfair for Ellie. So she offered several choices for Ellie. She had refused Ivy several times before, but eventua

r for her daughter, she couldn't always rely on a man. After all, as the saying goes, men are reliable, and the sows will climb up the trees.

Especially someone like Darren, she would learn a lesson from it.

"Wow, who is that man? He is so handsome!"

"Yes, I've never seen her before," another replied

There was a sudden uproar in the hall. Seeing that people were talking about it, Ivy and others also turned their heads to the door.

A cold, handsome man walked in, and even the assistants behind him were very handsome.

Mark then walked up to Liam and took over the gift box from Nick. "Mr. and Mrs. Lu, wish you a happy marriage. Here is a little something I brought. "

Liam took the gift and opened it. There was shock in his eyes.

"This is..."

"It's made of suet jade which means 'Dragon and Phoenix'."

Liam nodded and said, "it turns out to be true."

With a faint smile, Mark said, "I'm glad you like it."

Liam closed the lid and handed it to the assistant beside him. With a touch of sadness on his old face, he said, "how can I don't like it? This suet white jade is a precious thing, and you're even carved into a magnificent appearance. I'm so glad. Mark, I have watched you grow up. I like your kindness very much! "


Is he the third son of the Lan family?

Wasn't he injured in a car accident and disfigured? How...

The sudden appearance of Mark drew people's attention.

The crowd hooted again.

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