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   Chapter 77 The Edge Of Love And Pain 2

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Instead of answering her, Mark just kept silent. He knew that Jessie misunderstood him, but he didn't intend to explain anything.

At the moment when Jessie shot, there was indeed a deep hatred for him. But when he heard that she was pregnant, the joy in his heart concealed all his hatred.

Especially when he saw her crying hysterically in front of Irene's tombstone, he knew that he had completely fallen in love with her.

Leslie knew clearly how many people Mark lost when saving Daniel. If Leslie knew him well, he should know that he would only assign those people to important tasks.

However, in order to save a child, he formed an elite army. It was not hard to imagine how important Jessie was for him.

Therefore, Leslie would definitely put their minds on Jessie.

Although Mark had done his best in security here, he had to make sure that nothing would go wrong.

He wouldn't regret it for a lifetime even if she misunderstood him just now.

"Do you think I won't do that? Don't forget that Daniel is in German. If you want him to live well, you'd better pay attention to yourself! "

"You..." Why was she so poor that she had to fight against them one by one when she just came out of the tiger's lair!

Jessie gritted his teeth, clenched his fists, and glared at Mark with hatred.

Suddenly, she sneered coldly and threatened, "You really think that I'm afraid of you, don't you! Let me tell you. If anything happens to Daniel, I can assure you that you will never see the baby again! "

There was dead silence in the living room.

As they made eye contact, sparks flew in all directions.

Jessie raised her head, as if she wanted to kill them all together. She had nothing but Daniel. How could he threaten her with Daniel? Did he really think that everyone could bully her?

Since he was going to die, then let's die together.

"Why are you so quiet? I don't want to live in this world anymore. You'd better treat me well, and I can give birth to the baby in the last gasp before my death. Otherwise,

o Finn's check, Jessie was too emotional that she fainted. Her condition was getting worse and worse. Her mood fluctuated violently. Sitting on the side of the bed, Mark's eyebrows were full of self blame and pity.

What should I do with you.

I can't let anyone hurt you, but the more you stay with me, the more dangerous it will be.

If I have to let you go, I will be reluctant to let you go and I will be heartbroken.

Honey, tell me what I should do...

He held her cold hands tightly, and her heart was torn apart.

Grace came in with the medicine prescribed by Finn and put it on the night table. She said, "Master, this is the medicine for Lady... Master, I know I shouldn't have said anything with my identity, but I still want to say it. I can tell that you really care about Lady and you love her very much from the way you look at her. But I don't understand, even if you have difficulties, you can't do anything to her.

She can make noises for you, it means that she still cares about you. If she doesn't make any noises and doesn't care about anything, her heart will be broken. Master I don't think you want to do this. "

Women didn't really need a lot.

In particular, people like Jessie who grew up without warmth and security all she wanted was a simple care, a loving look and a warm hug.

But Mark give none of it to her.

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