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   Chapter 74 Unrequited Love

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As time passed, the air was still dead silent.

But before Nelson came out, Edward and Mark hadn't talked to each other.

Although Nelson was all right, the doctor said that he couldn't be provoked again. Edward gave a hard look at Mark. Although he didn't say anything, he was still blaming him in his heart.

After taking a look at Nelson in the ward, Mark left with Jay.

Both of them were silent on the way.

Jessie recalled Mark had said in the Lan family's house. It turned out that there were so many things in his heart, but she could not see them at all.

How could a nine-year-old child live to this day with his mother's death!

That was just too pathetic for Jessie. She couldn't imagine how he came through all these years with his mother's suicide.

He should be in pain.

Turning her face sideways, she looked at Mark.

Under his handsome appearance, there was a deep and cold expression on his face, which always made people feel alienated, cold, and even frightening at the first sight of him. She didn't expect that there was such a painful memory in his heart.

Her heart throbbed painfully.

She really wanted to help him, but she didn't know how. She had no choice but to watch him suffer like this.

Soon, the car drove into a villa area and stopped in front of a mansion.

Then Mark opened the door and got off. Jessie was stunned for a while. Then sshe got off the car with him without hesitation.

"It's... Where is it? " Looking at this house with simple decoration, Jessie was confused.

Why did he bring her here.

Standing in front of the French window, he looked at the swimming pool and said, "You'll live here from today on."

"Stay here?" Jessie was surprised. Was he going to move out? "Why do you suddenly want to move out? Don't we live in separated rooms in the Lan family? "

"Are you unwilling to move?" Raising his eyebrows, Mark turned around to look at her.

Jessie," ..."


nths, and Jessie didn't like to talk too much, but they really thought highly of her.

But she was now obviously too scary.

Realizing that she was saluted, Jessie simply said "sorry, I'm tired" and went upstairs.

With the sound of "bang", the door was closed. The maids rushed to Grace and whispered.

"Grace, do you know what happened to Lady Jessie? Why is she so angry? "

"Right. I've never seen her losing her temper before. I thought she had a good temper and looked so gentle. "

"But I think it's because of the baby. It's said that pregnant women are prone to mood swings, and young master hasn't been here since she moved in. Every pregnant woman wants her husband to accompany her. "

The servants glanced at her and only Grace kept silent.

As she recalled, Jessie's case had been haunted by jealousy since they moved in. Although she didn't talk much all the time, she used to wear a smile on her face before. But now, she looked terrible. She was always in a trance...

The more Grace thought about it, the more strange she felt.

"All right. You have finished your work, right? Now, put away all your things. Go and make some cubilose porridge for Lady. I'll bring it to her later. All the people go to work. Let's go! " Grace walked away and ran to her room alone.

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