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   Chapter 71 Back For Miscarriage Prevention

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Tears poured down from the corners of her eyes, wetting the white goose feather pillow.

Biting her lips hard to prevent herself from crying, Jessie held the quilt tightly, silently enduring the pain in her heart.

Don't be silly. He doesn't love you anymore.

Everything he has done is for our baby, not you!

Jessie, you deserve this. You asked for this. Do you still have the face to cry here?

You deserve it!

After you give birth to the baby, you will be driven out. You are just a machine to give birth to the baby. For him, you are nothing but a child.

Not to mention love!

He doesn't love you. He only hates you!

He hate your distrust, your ignorance, and your ruthlessness!

"No, it's not what you think!" Jessie woke up from a nightmare and put her hand over her restless heart, looking quite gloomy.

Hearing her scream, Mark opened his eyes and stood up.

"What's wrong with you? Did you have a nightmare? "

Leon shook his head, lifted the quilt, and went to the bathroom.

He looked at her back. Although she didn't say anything, her pale face, sweat on her forehead and tears on her face all indicated that she was pain.

In the bathroom, Jessie kept patting her face with cold water to wake up.

In her dream, she was surrounded by unspeakable curses, and everyone was scolding her and thinking that she deserved it now!

No one felt sorry for her or was willing to help her. Everyone was looking forward to see her die...

She raised her head and looked at herself in the mirror. Was she really so unforgivable?

She just wanted to save her brother. Was she wrong?

Could it be said that there is no love in this world?

If things could happen again, she would try her best to save her brother, and she would never let him go.

However, she would choose another way. If possible, she would rather save her life for Daniel's safety than hurt him at all.

The servant came up to help pack things up after breakfast the next day.

ould want to get a chance to talk with her, except for Rachel.

Perhaps what Rachel said made Jessie feel better. The things that she had been struggling with seemed to dissipate a lot in an instant.

On their way back, although Jessie was sitting in the corner alone and didn't say anything, her face was a little bit livelier than before.

Watching her reading, eating and sleeping, Mark seemed to be a little happier and comforted.

Before getting married, Jessie lived in a poor village. Mark didn't need to worry about her though she was easy to be bullied. He remembered the information he collected about her. She was chased by a lot of people since her childhood. If anyone could marry a woman like her, it would be a great fortune in his life.


A dozen hours later, the plane landed.

The driver sent them back to the Lan family, while some others were sent to the lab Mark had specially prepared for them. As soon as the car drove off the airport, Jessie said with fear, "I want to see my mother first, can I?"

After a while, Mark turned to the driver and said, "we're going to the Lin family's house."

"Nope!" Before Jessie got a chance to say more, Mark raised his head in bewilderment. When Jessie thought of her mother, she felt a pang of sadness.

"I'm going to the YH Cemetery."

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