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   Chapter 70 All I Did Was For Our Child

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Three days later, they were discharged from the hospital and returned to Germany. Mark asked Carl to have a comprehensive examination for Jessie.

After three days' waiting, all the reports came out.

Derek handed the report to Mark and said, "She is in good health and the baby is very stable now. There is basically no big problem with her... But I found that there seemed to be a different type of virus in her blood. "

"Different?" Mark's eyes darkened and there was a trace of worry in his voice.

He did a thorough investigation in MR and brought back all the things related to antidotes for further study. However, the result was still not as expected.

As usual, Jessie was only allowed to live for half a year, but she was still pregnant and was less than a month now. After half a year, her baby couldn't even be six months old. If she forced herself to give birth to the baby, it would be difficult for her to live.

Of course, he didn't want that to happen, either.

After all, she was the woman he once loved.

No matter what the result would be, he would try his best to rescue her. If he couldn't save her, he hoped Jessie would live as long as she could.

Derek took out another stack of documents and handed them to Mark. He said, "This is the blood analysis report of Jessie. She is suffering from serious complications. But this is the blood analysis this time, and the value is much better than that in the value. I've asked Rachel and Nick the other two days, and wanted to know about Jessie's diet, but they said that there was no change. So I was wondering what the poison has changed in her blood. "

"So, the poison in her body was invaded by something?"

"Yes," the person on the other end nodded

Hearing that, Mark nodded. Then Derek continued, "Although there are signs of recovering, we still need to be alert. After all, we don't know what the poison is doing in her body. We need to keep an eye on it. I've arranged for someone to test Jessie's blood dail

there would be any vivid stories about him. Especially when she heard the divorce agreement, she felt even more contemptuous and disgusted of him.

He didn't love her. He just took advantage of her. Why did he marry her.

At last, he used two roles to approach her and test her.

If it was not because she didn't trust him, then it was not her fault. Jessie sighed. It was just because of the destiny.

That was fate!

"Why don't you go to sleep? What are you doing?"

Suddenly, Mark's eyes opened, and his cold voice frightened Jessie. Her heart was beating and her face was filled with horror.

"I... I can't fall asleep..." As Mark was still staring at her with his contemptuous eyes, Jessie changed her words immediately, "I'm going to sleep now."

Then she turned around, turned her back to Mark, and held the quilt tightly in her arms.

All of a sudden, Mark put a hand on her waist, and the other on her belly.

Jessie froze and a warm feeling came from his palm, then spread all over her body immediately until she could feel every part of his body.

He still loved her, right?

Otherwise, he would not hold her so closely to sleep.

Jessie was ecstatic and unbelievable.

However, when she heard his words, her warm heart felt like falling into an ice cellar again. "I just want to touch my child."

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