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   Chapter 66 Don't Get Too Involved, It Hurt!

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Suddenly, Leslie took out a gun from his pocket. Mark revealed a calm look, he took out a gun and pointed it at Leslie's arm.

They fired at the same time, and the bullets brushed past in the air. Mark moved a little and successfully dodged the bullets. As for Leslie, he was fat and lack of exercise, so he didn't have enough sensitivity and reaction. The bullet went into his arm before he could react.

"Mark, I didn't expect you to kill your own elder brother!" Leslie covered his wounded hand and his face was distorted because of the pain.

Mark sneered, with a mocking and contemptuous look.

"Elder Brother? Have you ever treated me as your younger brother! Leslie, you got in my way today. Don't you know if anyone dares to stand in my way, he will die?"

As a loser, Leslie was totally useless and had no other choice but to depend on Nelson for his own good. Mark also didn't want to waste time to teach him a lesson. But he got in his way.

If Leslie wants to die, he has no reason to turn him down!

"Sir, we have found him. It seems that he is dying."

Nick took his people to put on isolation clothes and entered MR from the back door. He almost searched the entire research base, but still couldn't find Daniel.

Finally, they found the dying Daniel in a wet and gloomy cellar.

Mark gave a sharp glance at Daniel lying on the stretcher and a murderous look returned to his face.

"Dying? What do you mean by dying? Send him back and ask Derek to have a check-up. If it doesn't work, don't come to see me anymore." He threw the gun to Nick, indicating that he would die with him if he couldn't cure Daniel.

Looking at the gun in his hand, Nick swallowed in fear.

They should never offend anyone related to Jessie in the future.

It was cruel to bury them alive at any time!

The middle-aged man with a shield was almost scared to death.

Leslie stared blankly at the scene in front of him. He refused to admit his failure. Mark shot him. Now he was even angrier when he saw that Mark had rescued Daniel.

He gritted his teeth, stared at Mark

he was also sent to the hospital.

On their way down the mountain, Nick received a call from Rachel, who told him that they were already at the foot of the mountain. As soon as Mark heard it, his pale face darkened and then smiled

He didn't want Jessie to forgive him for hiding the truth from her before just because of Daniel. Instead, he believed that loving someone meant loving everything about her.

Including everyone she loved and cared.

Soon the car arrived at the foot of the mountain.

Although Nick gave Mark a simple bandage on the car, the wound needed to be treated as soon as possible. Their heart ached as they saw the blood on his clothes.

However, what bothered Mark was all about Jessie.

"Mark, finally you are here." When Rachel saw Mark, she was happy as if he was the Savior. She had used all her strength to stop Jessie. But she failed because of Jessie's stubbornness.

"What about Jessie?" Mark asked straightforward, ignoring Rachel's unhappy face.

"She... She ran into the woods."

"What? !" Everyone was shocked. Mark grasped Rachel and rebuked loudly, "How could you let her go in there alone? Do you know that toxic plants are everywhere? And there are infrared and mines everywhere. You let her go in there alone, do you want her to die?"

Before Rachel could say anything, Mark ran into the woods, paying no attention to his wounds.

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