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One of the twenty was missing. Everyone continued to struggle forward with pain and sadness.

The sky tonight was so dark that there was not even a single star light. There were rustling sounds coming from time to time in the jungle, which made the gloomy jungle more horrible.

"CC, how long have we been leaving?" Asked Jeffery.

"About an hour,"

"Then how far is it from the hillside?"

"If everything goes well, he will be there in an hour."

Looking ahead in a direction out of sight, Mark said, "We have to speed up. We must finish MR before dawn. "

"Before dawn?" Even Jeffery and Caleb thought that it was an impossible mission.

"Mark, do you think that is too unrealistic. It's now half past four. It would be great if we could reach the hillside before dawn. Do you still want to get MR? !"

John didn't know what was wrong with him. He had run into the forest for a woman, and now he wanted to find the location of MR in two hours. However, he still had to destroy it and save Daniel. That was out of the question.

If he was not crazy, how could he say something like that!

"Alright, John, save your energy. We will try our best. Perhaps Mark has some good idea. "

Then he turned her eyes to Mark, who was standing there calmly.

With a slight smile, Mark said, "you know me well." Taking out the map and turning on the flashlight, they besieged.

"We came along this road. I have noticed the plants nearby. Look at this kind of grass. As long as it appears, the rest of the grass beside it must be yellow. Besides, this kind of plant has an infrared spot. "

Mark asked in an infrared spot detector and scanned the surroundings. It was apparent that he was right.

Everyone was shocked. They had been walking forward without any worries because they would be led by CC ahead.

They didn't expect that Mark would find so many things in this dark place.

"Mark, how did you notice these plants?" Asked Caleb.

"Actually, I have been thinking about how the people in

are poisonous."

"What! TMD." John dragged the J to the back of a big tree and started to check the injuries with the faint moonlight above his head.

"Ah, it hurts!" J shouted painfully. The bullet pierced his main artery, and the blood started flowing. Since the bullet was poisonous, the bright red blood had already turned black. The venom slowly infiltrated into his body and moved around his organs.

The body began to ache and even the heart began to tear apart.

"Boss, leave me alone. I'm afraid I am dying."

"Shut up! James has gone, and I can't lose any of you. I won't let you die before you go home. "

Next to his ears, bullets were fired one after another.

John had already taken a careful look at the J's wound, so he had completely forgotten that his people were still fighting with each other.

The next second, John heard the voice "watch out!" and he couldn't believe his eyes. Instantly, J jumped to him, lifeless.

"J!" John shouted in grief. The mountain shook because of his cry.

"Damn you!" With the aid of frantic and sad curses, John rose up to the sniper rifle and fired at the enemies.

After several rounds of fierce attacks, the man was pushed back.

Everyone looked at the corpse and lowered their heads to show their respect.

"I'll avenge you," said John between clenched teeth.

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