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Overwhelmed by anxiety, Rachel asked, "what's going on, Jessie?"

"I..." This was her last chance. If not Rachel, how could she save her brother.

"Rachel, I, I want to see Mark. Can you take me there?"

"I.. Why are you looking for M? Didn't he tell you to wait for him here? "

Jessie looked down, pretending to be sad.

"I know I am poisoned, and there is no antidote for it. I don't know how long I can live. Mark asked me to wait for him and give me a surprise, but when he left, I always felt uneasy. I don't know what will happen tomorrow, and I don't want any surprise. I just hope that the person I love and the person who loves me will be safe. Rachel, I'm begging you. Please take me to him. Just for once, please. "

"What?" Rachel was struggling inside.

She once saw a person died soon after being poisoned. Though Derek told her that there was at least three months left, nobody could guarantee that there would be no other changes during this period, because the virus in the human body would change. No one could predict whether it was a good change or a bad one.

She wanted to cherish every day with Mark. Rachel could understand that. But how could she take her to visit him.

After all, the place was extremely horrible.

If she went there, it would affect the progress of saving people, so she might as well wait here for two days.

"What's more, there will be wars everywhere. M was worried that you would be in danger if he didn't let you go there. Please wait here for another two days. It just needs two days. "

"No way!" Hearing that, Jessie burst into tears. Rachel was in panic.

"Don't cry, Jessie. I can understand how you feel. But just think about it. If you go there, M will have to distract his attention to take care of you. What if he gets hurt?"

Jessie was so sad that she couldn't help crying. She must go there.

She made up her mind to leave here and find Mark.

"Rachel, I beg you. Please take me with you. If you don't help me, I don't know whom to find. " Jessie didn't

Make sure that your skin isn't bare." They were the best of the best. If they lost anyone of them, it would be their loss.

"Yes, sir!" Everyone responded in unison.

After everyone's inspection, the rescue action officially began.

The group headed for the destination in the night. They had special equipment, including infrared detector, metal detector and high-energy transmission cannons, but they couldn't make sure that they were trapped in a lightning.

"CC, be careful ahead. Don't be careless."


A sudden loud bang came from behind her. The sound of an explosion appeared especially frightening in the quiet late night. "What happened?" shouted Anne

"James is missing!" One of his men reported.

"What! Go and find him. I want to see him, dead or alive. " When John heard that someone was missing, he became worried and angry.

He took the 15 people he brought here, all carefully calculated. These people had been trained and trained since childhood. If they were released, they would definitely not be worse than the international criminal police.

The fifteen people were his best friends who had gone through life and death together with him. Although he was their leader, they had already become a family.

The thought of losing them was like digging a piece of flesh into his body, and he was overwhelmed with grief.

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