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Jessie stood still in a daze. Suddenly, someone called her name. Jessie came to her sense and Carl asked, "Why are you standing here? Go to have dinner."

"Okay." Jessie said.

Everyone took their seats and started eating.

The table was covered with all kinds of cuisine, including roast camel, roast lamb leg, roast chicken, sauted chili roasted fish, and lobster in Persian Bay. Dozens of delicate dishes were served in the whole table.

It was really a feast for them.

"Miss Lin, it's your first time to come to my house. If it weren't for you, I hope you won't mind."

"……" Hearing how fluently the man speak Chinese, Jessie had an urge to kill herself by crashing into the wall.

They all could speak Chinese, but why did they speak Arabic just now? They just despised her for not knowing whether she could listen to them or not?

Hearing that, Jessie smiled faintly to express his gratitude.

During the meal, Mark kept filling food for Jessie. While Jessie just watched these delicious food with no appetite, while her mind was all about what her had just heard.

Then she turned to look at Mark who was sitting next to her.

Suddenly, she stood up. When everyone raised their heads, Jessie said, "I'm sorry. I'm not feeling well. I'll go upstairs first. Enjoy yourself. "

Then she turned around and left.

Seeing that Jessie was leaving, Mark stood up too and caught up with her.

"What happened to you? What's wrong with you? I'll ask them to check on you. "

"No, thanks. I can take a rest by myself. " Jessie answered coldly, with a look of displeasure on her face.

"No way. I'll go find Derek. "

"Don't you hear me?" Hearing that, Mark was stunned. His face turned dark all of a sudden.

Was it wrong for him to care about her?

They had traveled a long way and she was exhausted last night. He was worried about her health. But now, she just gave him the cold shoulder.

The two stared at each other in silence.

Jessie cast a glance at him. She just ignored him and went upstairs, absent-m

rry. I will be back soon. I have asked Rachel to accompany you. I think she will come soon. You just stay there and wait for me to give you a big surprise."


Hearing that, Jessie sneered in her heart. What surprise could he give her, as long as she was not scared.

After a long silence, Jessie asked, "do you know about my brother, M?"

"Your brother? What's up? " He pretended to be ignorant.

"Oh, nothing. Go ahead with your work. "

After hanging up the phone, she tightly held the phone.

No matter what Mark said, Jessie could not feel a trace of warmth or love in her heart.

What he had done for her in the past couldn't make up for his hurt to her brother.

Not long after Mark left, Rachel arrived.

Jessie said contemptuously with a cold face, "I didn't expect that he just left this city, and soon you will come back. I'm really impressed by your efficient working ability."

Rachel," ..."

"What are you talking about? I don't understand. "

"It doesn't matter whether you understand or not. You can just ignore my words."

Rachel was confused. What happened to her? Is it your period or is it because you miss Mark so much that you become sick?

"Are you not happy? Did you quarrel with M? "

Jessie sneered. Quarrel? Was it necessary!

Suddenly, she dragged Rachel and said, "Rachel, I need your help."

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