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   Chapter 60 one life for one life 2

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Lying on the bed, Jessie couldn't fall asleep. She could not stop thinking about her mother's death and the cruel torture to her brother.

Her hand holding the powder trembled slightly.

When Richard told him that they were going to eastern country, it was three o'clock in the morning. The plane would land for at least ten hours. When they landed, it was not until the noon of the next day. And during that period of time, there was not much time left.

She had to find the right opportunity in this short 24 hours, or else Daniel's life would be in danger.

Looking at the closed door, she felt her heart ached.

'Mark, will you hate me?'!

Then she looked at the medicine in her hand and thought, 'don't worry. I won't let you leave alone. I will always be with you.'

Outside the door, Mark was looking at them with a dark face. The expression on his face was frightening.

"Mark, your wife's taste in man is so improved again. She is so stupid! How could she be sold by her first love?"

"Come on. Don't you see the anger on his face?"

"I am just telling the truth."

"What's more, you are not afraid of being thrown off the plane."

John curled his lips. 'Fine. No one can tell the truth, ' he thought.

Then Jeffery looked at Mark and asked, "Now that you know it was Bill, what's your plan?"

Seeing Mark sneering, John asked anxiously, "what are you doing? Are you so angry that you are mad? Your smile is so weird. What do you want to do? "

Everyone," ..."

They were totally speechless.

Mark said, "since Leslie can get hold of Bill and threaten him to do anything, why can't I?"

The Xu family was on par with the Lin family, and they had neither great power nor great background. Although Bill's grandfather had stayed in the army before, he was dismissed by the army due to his mistake. In addition, the reputation of the Xu Group was not good, so countless people want members of the Xu family to die. The Xu family could disappear without the help of Mark.

However, he didn't want to destroy the Xu family. As long as B

e first time you called me honey. "

Jessie," ..."

Not to mention, she really could not remember what just happened. Just now, she wanted to bury herself in a hole on the ground and never come out.

'Does she still call me' husband '?'?!

Why don't you drink? Do you know what will happen if you drink!

And why did I drink so much? '

The more she thought about that, the redder her face got and the more embarrassed she felt.

Biting her lips in frustration, her face was crumpled up. In the eyes of Mark, such a Jessie looked very cute.

He gently turned her face to look at her.

Jessie's face turned red and her heart beat fast.

"You... Um..."

Then she felt Mark's lips burning. He was overbearing as always.

Not knowing how long they had been kissing, just when Jessie felt she was about to suffocate, he released her.

Jessie pushed him away.

His face darkened with displeasure.

He held her in his arms again and said, "Okay, it's my fault, I apologize. Come, call me honey again. "

"No way!" Hearing that, Jessie turned her head aside. She didn't want to be so disgusted. He didn't call her wife. Why did she call him husband.

Besides, they had signed the divorce agreement.

"Are you sure?" Jessie shook her head and refused even if she was dead. Raising his eyebrows, Mark said with a sly smile, "don't beg me for mercy later."

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