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   Chapter 57 A Jealous Man

Bullet In The Heart By Mo Ruoxi Characters: 7420

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It was almost impossible to save a person from MR. It would be difficult for them, let alone to save him.

She never expected that Leslie could get in and out of MR so freely. Does he have something to do with the people in MR?

Suddenly a name came into her mind: Richard!

Yes, it's him!

"M, why don't you turn to Richard? I still remember last time you said he could save Daniel." Rachel proposed.

"Richard?" Raising his eyebrows, Mark looked at her. After thinking for a while, he said seriously, "he doesn't like married men."

"……" Rachel pursed her lips. Was it important to be married? They just wanted to ask him for help. "Then what should we do? It was you who said that he could save Daniel, and now it is said that he doesn't like married men. No, it doesn't matter if you are married or not. You don't have to marry him. "

Mark shrugged his shoulders with an uncertain expression on his face.

Standing next to them, Nick was speechless. Sometimes he really doubted that if Rachel was pretending to be so smart. It was so obvious that she couldn't understand what Mark meant, which made him anxious.

"Rachel, young master wants you to go there."

"Me? "With her finger pointing at herself, Rachel looked at Nick in shock, and then turned to look at Mark. She suddenly stood up and said, "Mark, be honest with me. Who on earth is Richard? Why do you always ask me to go to see him! Don't you think I don't know that you and my father have conspired to marry me off this time, right? You, you really disappoint me! I can't believe that a handsome and extraordinary man would hang out with an old man who is over fifty years old! Humph! "

Mark," ..."

Nick," ..."

After Rachel left the room, Mark turned to Nick and asked, "who is that man?"

That man?

The question took Nick by surprise. He didn't know what he was talking about until he pondered for a while.

"Oh, that man's name is Bill. He grows up with Mrs. Jessie from childhood, and is two years older than her. He was admitted to Soapy in the University and majored in architecture, he..."

"Get to the point!"

Mark interrupted him. What he wanted to know was not the background of that man, but his past with Je

re the noodles!

She couldn't bear to see such two stubborn people, so she directly went upstairs to be a peacemaker.


"Jessie, I am Rachel. I am coming in. "

Rachel pushed the door open and saw Jessie sitting on the bedside and looking out of the window blankly. Her white face was full of worries.

Seeing that Rachel was coming to her, Jessie said, "You don't need to come here to speak for him. I don't want to hear anything."

Rachel," ..."

She made a wry smile and sat down beside Jessie. "I don't have the spare time to speak for him. There is no good man in the world. You can beat or kill him if you want. As long as you are happy."

Hearing that, Jessie looked sideways at her. She knew that what Rachel said was convincing her, but in fact, she was comforting her.

Although Rachel was only a teenager, her intelligence quotient and thoughts were far better than that of others. Therefore, Jessie thought that she was also surrounded by people of the same age with her.

For example, people who was followed by Mark, Nick, Carl, John, Rachel... 'every one of them is so subtle and astute. But what about me?

She used to think that she was smart and knew everything she needed to learn. But now, she found that she had nothing to do but being incompetent.

If it was not the case, how could she let Blake secretly change the owner of the Lin Group, how could she not protect her younger brother, and also put herself in such a dilemma!

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