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   Chapter 56 I Won't Love You Because Of Distrust

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"Do you think it's interesting? Before marrying me, you have promised to divorce me and then save me. You are so kind to me later. Are you happy to play tricks on me? "

Hearing that, Jessie glared at him angrily and asked loudly. She had thought that someone would be so kind to her. Whenever she was in danger, he would always show up in time, like God. No matter how she cried or laughed, he had never lost his temper with her.

She felt that she was so lucky to have such a man to protect, cherish and love her.

However, all these would never happen to her.

"It's not what you think."

"Anyway, I don't want to know. Anyway, you have never believed me from the beginning to the end. "

With a cold face, Jessie turned around and was about to get out of the bed. As soon as she stood up, she saw that Mark leaned forward, directly pressed her on the bed and locked her under his body.

"Let me go..." Jessie struggled and grabbed his clothes. It was not that she didn't like him kissing her, but that she didn't want to kiss him in such situation where she was cheated even for no reason.

What did he take her for!

"Let me go Let go of me! "

"No way!"

Hearing that, Jessie was so heartless that she bent her knees and gave him a hard push. After a dull sound of "ah", Mark finally stopped what he was doing, covering his lower body, and fell down beside Jessie in pain.

Jessie immediately jumped off the bed. Seeing the agony on his face, she felt a bit guilty. Although she couldn't feel the pain completely, it was really painful when she thought about it.

But she just could not bear it. She was unwilling to give in so easily. She was angry at him cheating her in the bottom of her heart. But she didn't know that her behavior was actually love.

She didn't know that she had already fallen in love with him!

Mark was still lying on the bed in agony. Trying to put a restraint

ng hER saliva, and said cautiously: "I saw Jessie coming out with your elder brother today. Your elder brother even kissed Jessie. However, I saw that Jessie seemed to be threatened by someone, and she looked very unnatural. Your elder brother also said, "wait for her good news."

Rachel blurted out everything she heard and saw, of course, with a little bit of her feelings, hoping to minimize the rage of Mark.

Instead of answering her question, Mark just looked at a direction. Although he didn't show any expression of displeasure, it was more terrifying than his anger.

"M, I think the whole thing is suspicious. Think about it. Leslie has always regarded you as his rival. As Daniel is locked up in MR, nobody can get close to you except for Jessie. Therefore, I think Leslie should use Daniel to threaten Jessie. You know, Jessie loves her brother very much. If he wants to exchange your life for her brother's, do you think Leslie can't do that? "

Suddenly, Mark raised his head and looked into the distance.

Use Daniel to threaten Jessie?

That was to say, Leslie wanted Jessie to kill him!

What would Jessie do if that was the case.

After thinking for a while, he said, "no matter what, you must rescue Daniel first. I'll take care of the rest."

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