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   Chapter 53 Either Die Or Follow Me

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As soon as her voice fell, Leslie hit her on the ground with his walking stick that he took out. Her forehead hit the wall. Blood came down from her forehead and dropped on the bright white floor, like blood blossoming.

"Men hit women. Bastard!"

Hearing what Jessie had said, Leslie didn't say anything but took up his walking stick and hit her again with a stick. Jessie was beaten so hard that she lay on the ground, unable to move.

She knew clearly about her own body. She would practice Taekwondo in her spare time, and she would often do exercise. With her physique, it was impossible for her to be completely unable to move after being beaten by these two cudgels.

Even if she felt pain and dizzy, she still had the strength to fight back.

She would definitely not be what she was now. What she could do now was to struggle on the ground.

Leslie walked to her, squatted down and pulled her hair. Her head was pulled up. Jessie cried out in pain and glared at her, staring at Leslie.

"Two options, die or follow me!"

He had given her plenty of time. If it weren't for Mark, he had already make love with her in the rooftop. He didn't have to wait until now.

Even at this moment, he would not talk so much nonsense with her. Nelson hadn't trusted her now. No matter what he would do to her, Nelson wouldn't hold his accountable. This was the best time to do it.

Seeing that, Jessie raised her head to look at Leslie. Half of her face was covered with the blood from her forehead. Her once white and tender face now looked very ferocious.

"Are you sure? I don't have that much patience to wait for you to consider. "

"Yes, I'm sure."

"What is it?"

Hearing that, Jessie grimaced with a smile, indicating that he should lower his head. Seeing that she began to soften, Leslie was not so defensive as before. Lowering his head, he just saw Jessie hold his neck and pull him off. Leslie thought she was going to kiss him, but she was biting him on the ear. He felt so hurt that he cried out and gave her a punch, but she didn't want to

as only sit in the corner hopelessly, waiting for the opportunity.

"Doctor, they all failed. Shall we still punish them in the same way?"

"Yes! Deal with them as soon as possible. Make sure it is sterilized. "

"Yes, Doctor."

Hearing someone talking, Jessie felt a little nervous. She turned over and squatted beside the bed, watching. Although Jessie didn't know much about Buddhism, she could understand the subtext of their words.

A group of people passed by. Jessie thought that the head of a middle-aged man about 40 years old should be the doctor they said, but what kind of doctor was he?

They all wore isolation suits. Was this the biological base?

If it was not for making biological weapons to study poisons and bacteria, she thought they would not wear such clothes.

Looking at the people lying on the bed motionless, and the doctor said that they had to be dealt with as soon as possible and that they must do disinfection work. "The more she thought, the more worried she felt.

Suddenly, she thought of the photo that Leslie showed her just now. Like them, Daniel was lying on the bed naked, and the place in the photo was similar to this one...

This was MR!

How could she be kidnapped here by Leslie!

Jessie turned over, leaning on the foot of the bed, biting her lips, and thinking.

"Daniel, don't be afraid. I'm here with you."

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