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   Chapter 51 Bill's Love

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"You are awake. Do you feel uncomfortable?"

"It's okay. I'm used to it."


Jessie looked at Bill's pale face. She felt very sorry for him, but she didn't know what to say.

When she arrived at the hospital just now, she heard the doctor say 'how come it happened again'. At first, she wondered why the doctor would say something like that as if he was very familiar with him.

Now that he said he had been used to it, she understood why the doctor said that.

"I remember that you were in good health before, but why did you suddenly have a heart attack?" Jessie asked out of curiosity. She remembered that he had said that he wanted to join the army, just like his grandfather, to be a soldier, to protect his family and defend the country.

A bitter smile appeared on Bill's face. He said in a light voice, "I'm tired." Then he closed his eyes and didn't want to say anything more.

In the doctor's office

"Doctor, how about Leo Xu? I remember that he didn't have heart disease before. Why did he suddenly...?"

She gave the name Leo to him when they were in primary school, in order to take part in the summer camp. She thought he didn't use it. She didn't expect that he was still using this name.

"Are you his family?" The doctor asked in doubt. He hadn't seen his family member since he became his patient three years ago. He was really curious about this Chinese girl.

Jessie answered, "I'm his friend."

The doctor nodded. He didn't believe it.

"Leo's heart disease wasn't congenital. He overworked and resulting in excessive heart load and myocardial infarction."

"Overwork?" How could it be?

"Yes. Long-term overwork, pressure from study, irregular and unhealthy daily life, violent drinking or disorderly eating would have an adverse impact. Besides, his heart is incomplete. He had left ventricular defect. It is lucky for him to be alive till now."



led and looked at her quietly. Slowly, he leaned his head to her. Just when his lips were about to touch her, Jessie turned away to avoid his kiss.

Bill didn't get it. He could feel her love for him, but why she refused his kiss?!

After thinking for a while, he said apologetically, "I'm sorry. I was too anxious."

Jessie looked at him and didn't say anything. She had no idea how to respond.

She had been looking forward to it, but her last sanity pulled her back.

She knew that five years could change anything. Even five years later, they still liked each other and missed each other. Everything had changed.

She was a woman married. If she accepted his love without scruple, she wouldn't forgive herself. They could not do this.

"Well... There's no hot water here. Let me get you some." After that, she picked up a thermos bottle from the night stand and walked out before Bill could say anything.

Bill leaned against the bedside and smiled. He really didn't expect that Jessie would be as innocent as before. She even flushed when he was about to kiss her.

The phone rang and Bill answered it.

"How's it going?"

"I have just seen it and there is no progress."

"Hurry up! If you still want to save your family, don't play tricks with me!"

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