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   Chapter 48 The Drunk Girl VS The Queen

Bullet In The Heart By Mo Ruoxi Characters: 7033

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Because of the hangover, and the pain in her body as if she had been crushed by a car, Jessie didn't care about the expressions of other people at all, and she reluctantly answered their questions.

Mark's face was overcast. The low pressure around him was frightening. Not to mention the people at the same table, even the whole restaurant felt a strong sense of murderous spirit. Only Jessie still lowered her head, immersed in her own world.

She couldn't get over the figure she saw last night.

Even though she knew it was not him and they would never see each other in their lives, she could not stop missing him.

Although it hurt, she couldn't forget it.

Inside, there was even some absurd hope that they would meet again in their lifetime.

Although she knew it was impossible.

Jessie ate breakfast carelessly, and every time she moved slightly, the pains from her body would make her very uncomfortable.

She couldn't figure out where the pain came from. She just drank too much and why her body hurt so much.

Was she hit by a car last night?


She had checked her body when she changed clothes, but there was no injury on her body. How could she be hit by the car!

Suddenly, she was struck dumb by an incredible idea.

She was raped!

If not for this, she couldn't think of the third possibility.

But who was that person?!

All of a sudden, she shifted her gaze to Mark. There was a dash of doubt in her bright eyes, a dash of curiosity, and a look of disbelief...

Could it be him?!


She wondered what he would do when she was drunk?

Moreover, he had already left with Sasha yesterday. How could he have the time to make love with her?

Thinking of this, Jessie was sure that it was impossible for Mark to do like this.

But who was that person?!

At that moment, Sasha pulled out the chair and sat down beside Mark.

"Mark, did you sleep well last night?" Sasha asked in a soft voice

"Well, not bad. What about you? "

"Not bad." Sasha said with a sweet smile.

Although it was an awkward night, seeing how Mark

t the breakfast, nor did she have to face the hostile eyes. Jessie had a bad feeling about that.

Jessie had planned to go to the toilet to breathe some fresh air, but unexpectedly, Sasha came along.

The moment they went into the ladies' room, Sasha said to her in a cold voice, "Don't think you are somebody just because you married Mark. There are a lot of women in rich and powerful families who can stay alone all the time. See? I believe you know what it is. "

Sasha pulled the silk scarf off her neck to reveal dark red spots on her fair skin.

With a mocking smile, Sasha said, "do you know how much he loves me? Even if he can't move, we cooperated well. I was like a tailor-made for him. He fell in love with me. My lady, are you sure you can manage it? Bang! "

Seeing Sasha walk away in her ten inch high heels with a smug smile on her face, Jessie hurriedly shook her head in disappointment.

At first, Jessie thought she was different from other hostesses. Unexpectedly, she was completely the same with them.

'Even if she had sex with Mark, so what?

She was just a tool for men to vent their anger. Jessie believed that no man would let his beloved woman take the initiative!

Men liked to control everything. When a woman took the initiative, the man would take the initiative.

She could do whatever he wanted. She was an inflatable baby without her own thoughts!

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