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   Chapter 47 Having Fun Alone

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Seeing his receding figure, Sasha gritted her teeth.

She didn't believe there was a man in the world who didn't like beauties!

'Mark, you will be mine one day!'!

When Mark came out of his room, he received a call from Carl. Carl said that when he saw Jessie, who was drinking alcohol in the bar street, dancing with several men, Mark didn't say anything. He pressed the elevator button to the underground parking lot.

"Baby, come home with me. Let's continue drinking."

"No, I'll stay here."

Because of drinking too much, Jessie felt dizzy and weak. She wanted to struggle to free herself, but she still leaned on the man softly.

"It's not fun here. Let's go somewhere else. I have something to show you. Ah..."

With the screams, those men fell to the ground one after another. Suddenly, Jessie lost his balance. Seeing that she was going to fall, Nick quickly went forward to hold her.

"Mrs. Jessie, be careful. Why did you drink so much?"

"I... You... " With her eyes wide open, Jessie looked at the dim figure in front of her and squeezed his face hard with her hand. She laughed and said: "Nick? Why don't you call Mickey?"

"……" 'what a shame! What can I do?' thought he!

Seeing that Jessie was so drunk and pinched his face so intimately, Nick intuitively felt that someone was staring at him behind with murder in his eyes. It was really a creepy feeling as if his body was made of cold sweat.

"Mrs. Jessie, please hold on. Master is here. Please wake up." Nick reminded her.

"Young master? Who is it? "

"……" The guy turned around. He trembled at the sight of Mark's murderous eyes. Pretending to be aggrieved, he said, "young master, Mrs. Jessie..."

Hearing that, Mark squinted and walked close to him with a face as heavy as that of a Yama. Mark stretched out his hands to pick up Jessie. Nick watched them get on the car while sighing in his heart that such a furious person would not endure it at all.

He said to herself in a low voice, "Mrs. Jessie, g

o hear that."

Although they urged him to speak out, Mark didn't reply. Instead, he kept silent and looked happy, which made them gnash their teeth.

"Fine. Do you think we don't know you at all? Look at you, you're having a good time. It's a woman's business."

Raising his eyebrows, Mark neither denied nor admitted it.

He wouldn't tell anyone what he was really happy about. Even if they guessed it right that it was because of a woman, he wouldn't reveal a little about it.

Although he was angry with Jessie last night, and later she took the initiative unconsciously, his anger disappeared in an instant.

She called him "honey" in a sweet voice, which melted his heart.

He was not angry at all.

Although he had enjoyed a wonderful night last night, as the saying went, "you can never predict what will happen in the world!" Not that you thought it was a good start, but that everything is going to be good.

Just as Mark had thought that their relationship would change because of one night stand.

However, when he saw her show up with a blank face and said with guilt, "I'm sorry, I drank too much last night and I didn't remember what had happened last night," Mark really wanted to kill her.

So he had worked so hard last night. It was all alone play!

His heart was pounding with disappointment...

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