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   Chapter 46 Time Of Youth

Bullet In The Heart By Mo Ruoxi Characters: 7318

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With a triumphant smile, Sasha left with Mark. When they passed Jessie, Mark said to her coldly, "don't wait for me." then he took Sasha upstairs to their bedroom.

Jessie sneered. Just after they left just now, she also left alone.

She was eager to come to Germany before.

She didn't know why she would like this place, even loved this place, because it had a unique architectural style, a passionate touch of humanity and feelings, and a lot of famous and yearning top universities... Or maybe it was because that man was here!

Either way, this place had a special meaning for her.

But now, everything is gone.

Standing by the riverside of Rhine, looking at the prosperous city in front of her, she recalled the time when she had a date with the man before, which makes her heart more depressed.

He asked, "what do you want to do with that?"

Jessie was confused and shook her head again.

"How about you? Which university do you want to go to? Are you going abroad? "

"Yes, I am going to German. Marvin"

"German. It is so far. You do well in your exams. But I... " A hint of sadness flashed through Jessie's eyes when she looked into the distance. She put on a smile and patted him on the shoulder, "don't worry. I will study hard and try to be enrolled in the same school as you. Even if I couldn't be enrolled by Marvin, I could only be enrolled by German. "

"Okay! Forever, we will be together, no matter where we go, and we will never be separated. "

When seeing his handsome face, for the first time, Jessie didn't lose her mind, nor was she attracted by this handsome man. At that time, she seemed to have foreseen what would happen today, and there was only sadness and unwillingness in her heart. The excitement and expectation were written all over her face just now, as if the words were gone with the wind. She never expected that one day would come and she never expected that.

They grew up together since childhood. Those who were in good relationship naturally thought they should be a couple.

She had once thought so.

However, after he went to high school, this idea disappeared from her mind bit by bit.

He was so dazzling and e

was sleeping?

She was confused and unwilling to give up.

She leaned against him and gently held his arm. Seeing that he didn't respond or object, she simply rested her head on his shoulder.

She said softly, "Mark, do you know how much I wish this day could come? I know that you don't love me at all. You said that you would take me here just for show. In fact, in your heart, you still love your wife, right? "

Hearing that, Sasha took a glance at Mark. Seeing that he didn't say a word, she continued, "I know who I am. I'm just a hostess. I shouldn't have made friends with noble young men like you, but I love you very much... But I know myself well enough. I won't ask for too much. I just hope that you will remember one thing sometimes, that is, there is someone who loves you so much, and that's enough. "

Sasha said affectionately, every man would fall for her tender and considerate words.

As Mark spoke, he lowered his head to look at her and uttered the words "silly girl". Sasha raised her head and looked straight into his eyes, which were filled with deep love.

She gently touched his face with her hand, and slowly leaned her face close to him. With her eyes slightly closed, she was about to kiss him. At this moment, a force pushed her away and she fell down on the sofa.

Sasha looked at him in confusion. "Mark, you..."

"Just for this time. I hope you won't do it again next time! Sasha, don't make me hate you! "

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