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   Chapter 43 If You Lie to Me, You will Suffer More than Death

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Just when Jessie came back to the room, Mark came in.

"You... Why did you come back so soon? You haven't seen each other for such a long time. Shouldn't you have a lot to talk about?"

Jessie stammered. She felt anxious. She was afraid that he saw her at the hall gate and overheard their conversation.

Raising his eyebrows, Mark asked, "How do you know we haven't seen each other for a long time?"

"I... I just said it casually."

Seeing that Jessie was trying to avoid seeing him, Mark smiled and said coldly, "Bring me my clothes." Then he wheeled the wheelchair into the bathroom.

Jessie was confused. Bring him clothes?

He took shower! Why asking her to bring him clothes? Couldn't he take his clothes and go in there?

She pouted her lips unhappily and opened the wardrobe to take out a dark blue bathrobe and shorts in the same color. She walked to the bathroom.


"The clothes..."

"Bring it in." Before Jessie could say anything, the ghostly sound came out. Jessie went crazy. Then she gritted her teeth. Who cared?

Did he really take her as an innocent inexperienced little girl?!

Heavy mist in the bathroom!

Lying in the round bathtub, Mark sipped his wine leisurely. When he heard somebody come in, he started to talk slowly.

"Put the clothes down. Come here."

"……" Standing rooted to the spot, Leon was inexplicably nervous with his hands holding clothes, and her face flushed unconsciously.

"Well, what's up?"

"Talk to me."

"……" Jessie was stunned and stood there still.

Chat with him!


Before Jessie got any chance to react, Mark's voice came again.

"I know you have been curious about why I still marry you even though I don't love you... Actually, for me, as long as it's not her, it's the same to marry anyone." With these thoughts in his mind, Mark heaved a deep sigh and then picked up the wine. When he finished the wine, his deep eyes were filled with sadness.

It wa

ble to fall asleep. She kept thinking of what Mark said.

Obedient, honest, don't lie to him...

Should she tell him the deal with Nelson? If not, would it be a lie to him?

If she really did what Nelson asked her to, then it should not be just a lie.

Just then, her phone rang. Jessie got nervous. She turned around to look at Mark. He wasn't moving. Then he switched on her phone.

"Swan Castle, Fussen! Bring him there no matter what you do."

Jessie was stunned for a few seconds. When she came to herself, she immediately deleted the message.

Swan Castle...

On the other side of the bed, Mark's eyes were closed and his breath was steady, but he was not asleep at all.

'Jessie? Were you the Jessie I knew?

Even if you had difficulties and you were eager to save your brother, why didn't you come to me?

Were you willing to live such a life?'

When Jessie was in deep sleep, Mark turned around and stared at her face quietly.

'Should I believe you or not?

Or, from the beginning, you were just like me, acting!

What I had done for you, and what I had felt for you, were now a joke!

I even began to think that I wanted to cherish you, protect you and protect the one you loved with all my heart. Was it all my wishful thinking?

Jessie, don't hurt me too much!'

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