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   Chapter 42 Falling In Love With Her What An Idiot

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Someone knocked on the door and said, "Mr. Mark, Carl said he was waiting for you in the side hall."

"Yes." Soon, he said to Jessie, "have a rest, and there are some clothes to change in the wardrobe. I will go downstairs."

After seeing Mark out, Jessie opened the wardrobe, dumbfounded.

There are so many dresses for today's party, both in spring, summer and winter. So, this is just a homewear, isn't it?

With a soft smile, she closed the wardrobe and began to clean up this troublesome room.

Otherwise, how could she live in this room...

In the side hall downstairs.

"Here you are."

Mark took the thing from Carl and looked at the jade pendant. He smiled with satisfaction.

"Where is she?" Mark asked

"Don't worry. She won't die."

Hearing that, Mark raised his eyebrows. Carl immediately explained, "She just had a bruise. Nothing serious. She was wearing an extravagant dress, as if she was wanted by everyone to know that she was rich. So I asked a subordinate to play the role of a homeless man who was flirting with a lady from a famous family, and got the jade from my subordinate. You know what? That woman is really a coward. She threw out all their valuables before he said anything. Ha ha, that's really a funny scene. "

There was no expression on Mark's face. He swore to himself that he would never meddle in other matters.

As for Ellie, he didn't care whether she was alive or dead. But because of Jessie, he had better keep her alive.

"Mark, your father just can't wait anymore? How dare he come here after killing you? He is not afraid of death. " Carl said, flicking the cigarette ash with his slender fingers. His peach blossom eyes were smiling. His tone was extremely relaxed and relaxed.

"Irresistible?" Mark sneered, "Carl, you have used the wrong word. If you could find a good Chinese teacher and teach you early, you would surely be good at Chinese. That old fox, he can only wait to kill me in order to prevent future trouble. If I don't have what he wants, will he keep me until today? "

"That's right." Carl nodded. He asked again, "by

heard her brother's name. Not until now did she know that her brother's affairs had been known by Nelson and Leslie.

Or maybe everyone in the Blue family knew it.

Mark was included too.

Deep in her heart, she knew that Nelson was unreliable. He would certainly ask her to work for him again and again. In fact, she didn't care about that. All she wanted was that her brother and mother could be safe.

However, even if she could fulfill Nelson's requirements, would she be able to ensure the safety of her brother?

If Nelson was unreliable, then what about Mark?

After hanging up the phone, Jessie went downstairs directly. At first, she wanted to ask for help from Mark, but now it seemed that she could not even rely on him.

Although Mark had covered his identity well, there were too many secrets about him for fearing that Jessie would fall into the deep abyss of sadness if she got close to Mark and even didn't find out his secrets.

In fact, it didn't mean that she didn't think of anyone else. She just didn't know how to find him!

She could go to his manor in China, but she was in German. She could not find any excuse to go back.

Even if she came back, who could guarantee that the man would be willing to help her?!

The more she thought about it, the more sorrow she felt. She just hoped that the one she loved could live a good life. Why was it so difficult?

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