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   Chapter 39 Something Weird with Mark's Legs!

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"Well, I really don't need honeymoon. Life was just dozens of years. Now it is the time for work hard. You just need to mind your own business. Don't worry about me." Jessie smiled as if she was a model of a good wife.

"No way! We must go on a honeymoon."


Jessie's lips twitched. What was the matter with her father-in-law? Even Mark didn't say anything.

Nelson put down his chopsticks, raised his head and looked at Mark. He said in a solemn voice, "You can't neglect the importance of family, though you have to take care of your career. I agree with you to travel with Jessie. If you need anything, just let me know. Besides, when you are in German, you can visit your Uncle Warner. It's time for inspection."

"Okay. I see."

Nelson left the table. Jessie asked in a low voice, "Who is Uncle Warner? What are you going to inspect?"

"Uncle Warner is a famous doctor from Germany. Every year, Mark would go to him and have an examination on his legs." Edward explained.

"Does that mean his legs can recover?"

"…… We also hope so."


She turned her head to look at Mark, looking at his deep eyes under the sliver grey mask, and then his slender long legs... God provided him with such a good life, with such a clever brain, a handsome face and a tall body... But deprive him of the right to use.

Jessie felt pity and distressed.

She suddenly remembered a saying, "Both of us being strangers here, both of us stranded, does it matter that we've just met, if our hearts understand?"

They were really a bitter couple.

Just when Jessie was overwhelmed by sympathy, Mark sneered at her with his sharp eyes, "Save your cheap sympathy! I don't need it!" Then he turned his wheelchair and left.


She snorted and made a face. "Who do you think you are? Huh!"

After breakfast, just when Jessie was about to leave for the villa, the Butler stopped her and told her that Nelson was waiting for her in the study. Jessie felt so depressed that she couldn't breathe. She took a deep breath and walked towards the study with a dull expression.


"Come in."

Jessie opened the door and came in. She asked, "Father, what can I do for you?"

Nelson put down the book and nodded.

"Jessie, how are you thinking about the things we talked yesterday?"

"I..." Jessie asked, "Fathe

I can wipe you out at once with a few words?"

"Ha ha, let me disappear? Just you?" Mark sneered and stood up from his wheelchair. It was a real shock to Leslie, who could hardly believe his eyes.

"Your... Your legs...?"

Mark walked to the head of the bed, staring down at him with his sharp and cold eyes. He was wearing a smile on his lips, which looked very frightening.

"Leslie, what's wrong with my leg? Don't you know that my leg has always been like this?" All of a sudden, he seized Leslie's collar and pulled him up. He said coldly, "I'm telling you, Leslie, you and Nelson, the old man, you will definitely lose in the end! This time, I just want to teach you a lesson! Humph!"

After washing fruits casually, Jessie rushed back to the ward to eavesdrop through the door.

Even though she knew it's not a good idea, there must be something that Mark doesn't want her to know as he used such a bad excuse.

Sure enough, that was the case.

However, Mark's legs...

Just when Jessie came in, she thought she would see some surprise. Unexpectedly, the scene in front of her was the same as what she saw when she just left.

She put the fruit on the table and asked, "Leslie, I have washed the fruit. Do you want to eat it?"

"No, thanks." Leslie answered coldly.

Jessie answered with 'Oh', glancing at them suspiciously, and finally stopped on the legs of Mark.

She always felt that something was wrong, but she couldn't find anything suspicious. She just faintly felt a strong sense of murderous will floating in the air.

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