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   Chapter 36 Human Research Institute

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Seeing Selina leave, Howard wanted to explain himself to her, but he just couldn't get rid of the fatal temptation in his body. His body seemed to be controlled, so he rushed to the people under him regardless of anything.

In the end, Brad really died. His death was a quiet relief to the outside world. As for Howard, he escaped from the country and did not dare to come back.

Even though the Xiao family was very angry, they could not find any clue, let alone to investigate.

In the vile, Rachel just pushed open the door of that room, and asked with a serious look, "Jessie, do you have a younger brother named Daniel who is living abroad?"

"Well... How did you know? " When Jessie guarded, she seldom talked about her family to outsiders. What's more, only a few people knew about that she had a brother.

How could Rachel know that?

"Don't look at me like that. Anyway, I admit that I have investigated you. Well, this is not the point. The point is that your father is going to send your brother to MR. "


"Oh, MR is a Human Research Institute."

Rachel knew that place. The Human Research Institute was to send some people with special gene to the medicine developed by them. In other words, they were white rats.

People who went there were basically dying. If they could adapt to the drug's change to the body, they would become incomparably powerful, but if the experiments failed, the final result would be...

He would be dead!

He would die a horrible death.

It was said that people there suffered countless kinds of pain everyday. Most of the people who died there could only endure the pain, while chose to commit suicide.

Few people could stay!

"What is Human Research Institute?" Hearing that, Jessie was confused. What she knew was that they were in the blood purification and Physical Research Institute, but what they didn't know was that there was even Human Research Institute.


Rachel paused and didn't know how to explain it to her.

She was not very clear about the details, but she thought it was too small to show the importance of the matter.


ice, "do you really think that I'm able to control everything in the world? If anything happens to Jessie, just wait and see! "

Rachel's eyes widened in shock.

Mark should ask her to be buried with herself for a woman!

You are the one to blame, Jessie! It's all your fault!

"My dear M, please help me. It's my fault today. I didn't take everything into consideration. But please do help me to find a solution for Jessie. She is poor too. You won't see her die, will you?"

Glaring at her, Mark snorted.

"Don't think that you don't need to make up for your mistake. There are ways to save Jessie and her brother. It depends on your will."

Rachel nodded, "yes, I will. It's my pleasure to go through fire and water."

With a sly smile, Mark raised his eyebrows and said, "as long as you can satisfy Richard, they can be saved."


Are you serious?

"No, M. Didn't you say that you could get rid of him with 50 million dollars? Why do you come back now? " Rachel asked in confusion. He had asked her to take the case several days ago, but she hadn't met Richard. Now he wanted her to beg Richard to help her...

"Do you think other people are worth that much?"

"…… Should I kill him or not? "

"I think you can take him for yourself."


Rachel thought about this question very carefully and decided to take him for her own use

What should she do to make him her own?


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