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   Chapter 35 The Means Of Mark

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"Good, very good!" Howard took hold of Brad's hand, and punched him in the belly with the other hand. "Brad, you bastard! Shame on you!"

"Who, who are you?" The bruises on his back really gave Brad a good beating. He always believed that no one would be lucky enough to be his prince charming.

"Who am I? Humph! I'm seeking justice for those who had been raped by you! " In addition to Selina, Howard also investigated Brad. Brad not only helped his student with his dissertation, but also pretended to help his student with her introduction to work, which earned him a lot of money.

Although they hated Brad very much, they were still students and didn't dare to tell the police because of this scandal.

Once, a girl threatened to call the police but was fired somehow.

Since then, no one dared to testify against him.

When Howard saw the stack of 'good news' of Brad, he was eager to beat him up and tear his bones into pieces.

At the same time, Howard received a call from an unknown girl who claimed to be very weak and wanted to punish Brad just like him. When she learned that Brad would come here, Howard came over without hesitation.

"What? Defiling? Don't, don't sling mud at me. " Brad looked guilty and avoided eye contact with Howard.

Since he was promoted to the professor, he had a lot of shady relationships with female classmates. He couldn't figure out who sent him.

"I am slinging mud at you? Brad Li, you can make the female victims silent, but you can't let me shut up. You can't afford to offend my position! " The underlying meaning behind his words was that he was the only one who could get back at Brad, and Brad would never let him get away with it.

Suddenly, he took out a pistol from behind and aimed it at Brad.

"I'm going to change my surname if I don't disable you!"

"Wait!" Brad looked at the gun held by Howard, trembling with fear.

As far as he could remember, he had never dealt with any women from

master in front of him was true, ruthless than the devil.

But he was only ruthless, and now he was a complete freak madness.

The cup in front of Brad had been poisoned with the utmost amount of aphrodisiac, which could kill any average person, let alone a giant amount. Besides, the incense in the box was also specific medicine. As long as he stayed in the room for ten minutes, it would work.

If he was angry and quickened the circulation of blood, the efficacy would accelerate.

'Oh my God! I finally know why Mark said he's going to deal with Howard and Selina. It turns out he wants to use the knife to kill someone, ' Nick thought!

But it's not a big deal. However he let Brad have sex with Howard!

It was because of that Brad had raped Selina and hated him to the core that he had made love with Brad... Disgusting...

"Nick, bring Selina in."

"Yes, sir!" Nick replied. Nick trembled with fear and reminded himself not to offend Mark.

When Selina took off the blindfold, she saw terrible scene. Their clothes were covered with blood all over.

The sound of gunshot was very harsh.

"Howard!" Shouted Selina. Howard turned around, but didn't stop.

Looking at Howard, Selina wept with sorrow. Compared with what happened that night, what she saw just now made her want to die.

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