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   Chapter 33 Battle between the Two Women

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When Mark came out of the bathroom, he frowned. The atmosphere in the room became depressed all of a sudden.

Rachel looked at Mark. She was still wearing a murderous look just now, but now she seemed to have lost her anger because of the 'beauty' in front of her.

He was wearing a black night robe which was half open, showing half of his pectorals. His wet hair, which hadn't been dried yet, naturally dropped on his forehead. Below was a pair of black slacks with the same color stripes and a pair of black home shoes Rachel couldn't help but swallow. She cursed in her mind, 'Damn it! Do you have to be that handsome?'

But on second thought, this wasn't right! 'Rachel, what the hell are you doing?

How could you still have an anthomaniac mind when someone is chasing after your man!'

She shook her head to clear her mind and then said to Mark, "M, you have never done this to me. How could you yell at me for such a woman! Kill me if you can. If I'm dead, how can you explain this to my father?"

"Do you think I won't do that?" Mark eyes turned cold. He hated being threatened.

Even if it was her, he would not allow it!

"You... Ah... Ah... Waah..."

However, she failed to threaten Mark. Rachel simply sat on the chair, burst into tears and kept scolding Mark.

Jessie couldn't speak a word. What was going on?

She lifted the quilt, got out of bed and walked to Rachel. She comforted, "Rachel, don't cry. That's not what you think. I came back because something happened to me and he happened to save me..."

"Saved you?" Rachel stopped crying. She turned to look at Jessie and sneered, "Stop making up stories to fool me. There are not so many coincidences in the world. Why should M save you instead of anyone else? Is there only one man in this world? Let me tell you. Although I'm only 17 years old, I can tell the difference between truth and falsehood. Anyway, I won't let you go easily!"

Jessie was speechless.

She didn't believe her no matter what she said.

It made no sense to explain!

on on the table and burst into tears.

"M, she killed Beck I have kept for years. She even cut it like this... How evil she was! Why not leave Beck a complete body, it's already dead. She ... She... Waah..."


The snake had a name?

Seeing the clumsy acting of Rachel, Jessie couldn't help but burst into laughter.

When seeing Mark's glare, Jessie immediately stopped laughing. She explained in a serious look, "I was protecting myself, and this was not my fault. Everyone would be scared when seeing such a snake. Since I was scared, I... I've only seen people raise cats or dogs, but I've never seen anyone raise a python. You're really impressive."

"What's wrong with python? Don't you know it doesn't bite? I was just trying to play with you, but you cut it into pieces like this. Are you going to cook it?"

"Cook it?" Jessie raised her eyebrows, "That's a good idea. Since it's dead, how about to make its death worthy? I've never had python soup before. Maybe it's good for my health."

"Jessie, you... Whoop... Beck, how pitiable you are!"

"Shut up, all of you!" Mark looked at them, feeling worn out. "Go upstairs, all of you! You are not allowed to leave the room without my permission! Otherwise, go back to where you come from!"

Then he lowered his head and rubbed between his eyebrows continuously. It's really annoying.

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