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   Chapter 32 A Scheming Girl

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How dare you Jessie! How could you seduce Mark in such a short time! I have underestimated you!' thought Ivy!

Being in a towering rage, Ivy scolded Jessie while walking out of the house.

"Mom, slow down. It hurts! " Ellie's hand hurt so much that her fair skinned wrist turned red. "Mom, if Mark is unwilling to help, we can think of other solutions. It's useless to be angry." she comforted

"Solution? They are all the same. What can I do? " Ivy yelled as Ellie never saw her was so frightened like this and shrugged.

Looking at the timid Ellie who knew nothing but eating and playing, Ivy was furious.

How could she give birth to such a useless thing!

"Ellie, why are you so brainless? Where do you think you are worse than Jessie? Do you know what's going on at home? I guess you are tired of being a spoiled lady. "

"……" Ellie looked innocent again. "I know. The Lin Group's equity has been taken away by Jessie."

"You know? So you know it! Then why don't you think of a way to get it back! "

"That's what father has to consider. I'm just a student,"

Looking at the innocent look on Ellie's face, Ivy was furious. She tried her best to restrain her anger and said, "Yes, it has nothing to do with you. But you have to know that our properties are kept by Jessie. When you want to buy clothes, bags and go out for fun, you have to ask Jessie for money. Does this have anything to do with you?"

"What? !"

Speaking of food, drinking and money, Ellie finally understood the seriousness of the matter.

In the past, as long as she spent money, she could ask Darren for it. If she didn't ask, Darren would give her anything. But what would Jessie do... If she was run out of money...

That was a big deal!

Her heart was filled with anxiety, her eyes sparkling with fire, and she said firmly, "Mommy, I will find a way to get it back."


In the bedroom, Jessie, who was lying on the bed, frowned, grabbed the quilt tightly and mumbled something.

"Father, please don't..."

le cheek and said in a spoiled tone, "Idiot."

When looking at that tall and strong figure, Jessie suddenly felt her heart beating faster and her cheeks were hot.

'Oh my God! She has fallen in love with me!'

What should I do?

Just when Jessie was about to get crazy, the door of his room was pushed open violently. Jessie sat up abruptly, looking at the person who rushed in in in surprise.

"Jessie, I know you are not so kind. You always said that you and M were living in two different worlds. You are not right for each other. Why are you back now? I can't believe you are cheating on me! That's nice. What a genius you are! "

Rachel rushed in, standing at the foot of the bed, glaring at Jessie. She should have known that Jessie didn't want to leave, but as soon as she left, Jessie came back and wanted to be entangled with M!

So did M. He had lied to her that someone had used 500 million to kill TAHT prince. Was it so easy to deceive her?

'Does he really think that I love money so much?

Money was nothing to her!

"Rachel, please listen to me. I..."

"No way! You little bastard! How dare you play tricks with me! I hate you! I'll kill you today! " Without a word, Rachel pulled out her pistol and pointed it at Jessie.

"Stop! Rachel, if you dare to shoot here, I promise you won't see the sun tomorrow! "

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