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   Chapter 29 Kidnapping Again It's Ridiculous

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The girl in red looked exciting and shouted, "Penny, scratch her face and teach her a lesson. She is so arrogant."

With a snort of contempt, Penny Chen threw a sideways glance at the girl in red and said, "Since you are so bold. You do it!"

The girl in red was speechless.

Obviously, she was timid.

Jessie looked at her contemptuously. They brought her here just wanted to slap her and scold her? And then... Nothing else?

She sneered in her heart. They were all cowards!

But where were the people who kidnapped her?

Considering the figure of these five people in front of her, Jessie thought that it wasn't them who took her from school.

Just when Jessie was thinking about it, a force fell directly on her stomach and kicked her away.


The chair tied to her body was smashed, leaving Jessie lying on the ground, with all her body ached in pain.

"Howard! Do you really want to kill her?" Penny Chen shouted. She just wanted to teach her a lesson to avenge her being dumped. She didn't want to make it big at all. Now Howard Xiao kicked her like that. If something bad really happened to Jessie, they would definitely suffer a lot.

After all, she was the daughter of the Lin Group. They should not go too far.

However, Howard Xiao didn't think so.

He walked towards Jessie. Squatting down, he pinched Jessie's chin and lifted her head up. His eyes were filled with ferocity.

That was why Jessie was sure that he hated her so much!

"Howard, I never offended you before. Why did you do this to me?"

"Why?" He pinched her chin harder and harder. The pain made Jessie's face twisted. Howard Xiao gritted his teeth and said, "You didn't offend me, but you hurt my beloved woman! This is more painful than hurting me!"

Beloved woman?

Jessie was confused. Who did she hurt?

"I don't know what you are talking about. Please make it clear."

"You don't know?" Howard Xiao tried his best to suppress his anger and said, "You knew that Brad is a bad person. How dare you ask Selina to go to his birthday party and even drug her in the wine! Jessie, I didn't expect you to be such a malicious person. In order to get your dissertation passed, you even give your friend to your professor!"


Jessie felt so aggrieved.

Who the hell invited her to the birthday party and who drugged her! He shouldn't distort the truth.

She wanted to explain, but she knew that no matter what she said now, they would not believe her.

After all, Brad really slept with Selina...

But she was the victim as well...

Jessie was speechless! She recalled what happened that night. Then she said to herself in her heart, 'How can you still think about him in such a situation!' It seemed that she was really sick.

"What? Do you still want to find yourself excuse? Do you still want to slander that Selina invited you to be there? Jessie, I heard that you had a bad reputation in the school. You always went to nightclubs and bars. I didn't expect you to be such a person."

What the hell was he talking about? Jessie felt so ridiculous!

She glared at the girl in red. The girl in red instantly hid behind Penny Chen. And that made Jessie speechless.

What a stupid teammate.

Compared with the stupid girl in red, Rachel was much better. If she could see her again, she would definitely apologize to her.

Howard Xiao glared fiercely at Jessie. When he thought of Selina, he even wanted to kill her immediately.

Early in the morning that day, when he was about to go to school, he saw Selina squatting in front of his house with wounds all over her body. After he took her home to clean up, she had been curling up in a corner, hugging herself tightly and crying continuously.

After accompanied b

y Howard Xiao in the room for three whole days, Selina began to talk slowly. She said that she was insulted by Brad when someone drugged her wine in his birthday party.

And that was planned by Jessie!

He would never forget how Selina went through those three days. With dull eyes and a frightened face, she always woke up in nightmares after falling asleep.

Those memories were not only her nightmare, but also his!

"Give me the drug. I will also let her know how it feels to be drugged!" Howard Xiao fiercely threw away Jessie and got up.

The people behind looked at each other, hesitating.

"Howard, are you really going to do this? I don't think it's a good idea."

"Right. We just need to teach her a lesson. As for Selina, it would be better to ask her family to solve the problem."

"Yes, it's illegal if we do so."

"Shut up! Of course! It wasn't you. You didn't know how painful it was! Breaking the law wasn't a big deal. Everyone was guilty for something. How dare you say that your father has not accepted any bribes? Can you swear that your company is involved in legal business without any tax evasion? If you don't want to stay, get out of here. Don't get in my way."

Hearing what Howard Xiao said, everyone kept silent.

Indeed, no one could guarantee that their family behaved well and did not do any bad things, but they were indeed afraid that if they really got people killed, their lives would be ruined.

But Howard Xiao was different.

The Xiao family was also a famous family in the city, and their power and influence were far beyond that of ordinary people. In addition, Howard Xiao was the only son of the Xiao family. If anything happened to him, the Xiao family would try their best to protect him.

Of course, he had no scruples.

After discussed, everyone decided to let Howard Xiao deal with it by himself. After giving the drug to Howard Xiao, they all left.

Before leaving, Penny Chen kicked Jessie hard. Then she stepped away on her 10-inch high heels.

Looking at those people, Jessie thought they were extremely ridiculous.

It turned out that this group of people were all supporting actors, they were all cowards. Howard Xiao was the big boss here.

The enemy was not dead yet, they already went against each other. Howard Xiao was such a useless leader!

"Come in, all of you!" At his command, several strong men came in and lined up.

Howard Xiao threw the drug to one of them and said, "It's your turn now. Don't let her die."

Then he stood up and left.

Looking at several men with swarthy faces in front of her, Jessie shrank her body and a sense of uneasiness rose spontaneously.

"Pretty, you are so lucky today. Let us have fun today."

"Exactly. We haven't had sex for a long time. How about 5 of us do it together. Pretty, I am coming."

As a greasy hand holding Jessie's chin, a blue drug from the bag was put into Jessie's mouth.

Jessie kept coughing and wanted to cough out the drug. However, the strong man found that and poured a bottle of water into her mouth to let her swallow it.

Suddenly, the buttons of Jessie's shirt were easily torn off. Her whole fair, nice bosom was exposed in front of them.

The man in an indecent look said, "Wow. The girl is really something. We didn't expect that Mr. Howard would let us enjoy such a girl."

The headman was impatient. "Cut the crap. Who will go first, you or me?"

"It's so cool! Let's do it together!"

Jessie looked at the people in front of her in fear. She ignored the pain on her body and kept kicking back, hoping to find a chance to get out of danger. However, her head hit a wall, and she was trapped in a corner. Her heart was like falling into an abyss where the silence was deathly quiet.

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