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   Chapter 27 She Left Him

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"Do you really want to leave?"

Mark asked, his deep eyes staring straight into Jessie. Jessie was overcome by an urge to say no. But she held back the urge. It was impossible for her to stay here.

She didn't care about her reputation. However, she couldn't be selfish enough to forget about her mother and brother.

If she decided to act like this, they would be the ones to bear the consequences.

Everything she did would be in vain.

The atmosphere was extremely tense. Both Jessie and Mark chose to remain silent. The crowd held their breath, not daring to make a sound.

Mark's deep black eyes, that seemed capable of seeing everything, looked straight at Jessie.

Deep in her heart, she admitted it was indeed very comfortable to be around him. She didn't have to pretend the way she did when she was with the Lan family and the Lin family. She liked the freedom he gave her. She could say anything without the fear of offending someone.

However, it didn't matter whether she liked it or not. Her comfort wasn't her priority. She had already sacrificed it all for her mother and brother.

"We are not from the same world. I have a lot of things that I need to take care of. I have told you all about it. So please don't force me to stay, OK?"

Although Jessie insisted she wanted to leave, everyone present could feel that she was doing it only because she had no other choice.

They were two people madly in love with each other but had to be forcibly separated. It was quite a heartbreaking and tearful scene.

Even Rachel couldn't help but feel pity for her.

After a while, Mark took a deep breath and said, "Okay, I'll ask Nick to drive you back."

After saying that, he turned around and left.

When she looked at his receding figure, Jessie's heart twitched violently. She was overwhelmed by the feelings of dizziness and pain.

"But.. I don't know your name yet," she said at last.

Mark paused, turned around and replied, "It doesn't matter. That's not important anymore."

Jessie lowered her eyes. Yes, why did she even bother to ask?

She knew that information would be of no use.

'We are never going to meet again,' she thought with great pain.

On the way back, Nick noticed that Jessie was eerily silent. He decided to let her be.

However, before she got off the car, he couldn't help saying, "Mrs. Jessie, our young master is quite fond of you. I've been with him for so many years, and I've never seen him treat anyone so well."

Jessie looked at him suspiciously. 'Is that so?' she wondered.

"Nick, I want to ask you why you insist on calling me Mrs. Jessie? I really don't know him that well."

"It's just……" Nick trailed off, wondering whether he should tell Jessie the truth.

Jessie's husband was Mr. Mark, and he was the disabled Mark of the Lan family. Since the day she was kidnapped, everyone in the manor knew she was his wife. What was more, even Mr. Mark had admitted that himself. This was the only reason they addressed her this way.

Seeing Nick's hesitation, Jessie smiled and said, "Forget it. I'm fine. Thank you for driving me back. Have a safe journey back. Goodbye!"

Watching Jessie walk into the Lan family's house, Nick sighed. He turned around, got on the car and left.

When Jessie was about to go upstairs, the servant Grace came out.

"Mrs. Jessie, you are back!" she exclaimed.

"Yes. Where is Mr. Mark?"

"Mr. Mark has gone abroad. He will be back in a few days."

"Oh," Jessie said. Then she went straight upstairs.

Soon, Jessie was lying on the bed, looking at the fresh and clean guest room. The bad feeling in her heart seemed to have dissipated a lot.

She was glad that Mr. Mark wasn't home.

After all, she wasn't prepared to deal with him. And most importantly, she had no desire to share a room with him.

'God I hate that room,' she thought with a sinking feeling. She couldn't bear the thought of sleeping in that dark room. Mark was not only strange in character, but also in taste. It wasn't like M's manor. M's manor was perfect. It was elegant and contained nothing dark about it. It was gorgeous but not too luxurious. It was a place she liked very much.

'It's was nothing like this ghost house,' she thought and shook her head.

Gradually, M's face came back to her mind.


Was his real name M?' she wondered.

She gently touched her lips with her hands. Her eyebrows and eyes

creased with a smile. A flush appeared her cheeks.

All of a sudden, she sat bolt upright, widening her eyes in astonishment. She patted herself hard on the cheek.

'Jessie, what were you thinking?

Why was your heart beating so fast?

Why was your face flushing?

Were you having a fever?' she asked herself.

She held her own head and kept shaking it. The man was driving her crazy.

She had to remind herself that she was a married woman. It was ludicrous to fall in love with someone else.

"Are you out of your mind?" she muttered to herself under her breath.

She told herself perhaps she was sick. 'You have to see a doctor. You have wounded yourself and spent time in isolation. Treatment will do you some good,' she thought.

She had to constantly remind herself she was Mark's wife and the Lan family's daughter in law. That man wasn't her type and she tried to concentrate on his flaws. She chanted these reminders, hoping it would dispel such thoughts.

The next day, Jessie went downstairs with dark circles prominent under her eyes.

With breakfast in her hand, Grace walked out of the kitchen and said with concern, "Mrs. Jessie, didn't you sleep well last night? You look so haggard!"

"Well, I don't feel very well," Jessie lied. The truth was, she spent all night thinking about that mysterious man.

It was quite a shameful thing.

Seeing that Jessie didn't sleep well, Grace made a cup of ginseng tea and put it in front of her. She asked, "Mrs. Jessie, what would you like to eat today? I'll get it for you."

"Food?" Jessie suddenly widened her eyes. When she heard the word food, memories of time with M popped up in her mind. "What food? I don't want any!"

"But why?"

Grace was confused. 'What happened to Mrs. Jessie? Why does she look so flushed?' she wondered.

Realizing what she had done, Jessie explained awkwardly, "I have a stomachache. I might have caught a cold. I don't feel like eating anything today. I have to go to school later."

Grace nodded her head in understanding. Quickly, Jessie went upstairs, a fake smile plastered on her face.

When she was out of Grace's view, a grimace appeared on her face.

"Miss Rachel, young master has strictly forbidden people from entering his room." As soon as Rachel wanted to knock on the door, she was stopped by one of his subordinates. Glaring at him, she demanded, "What is he doing in there? Don't tell me that he hasn't come out of his room since that woman left."

His subordinate looked at Rachel and nodded his head.

"He can't sit in there forever!" Rachel said, raising her voice. She was glad that Jessie was gone. However, she hadn't expected he would lock himself up!

Was Jessie the only woman in the world? She couldn't understand why he was acting this way. Pushing the man away, she decided to enter and see what was going on.

She opened the door.

"M!" she called out.

"Young master, Miss Rachel—" the subordinate began explaining apologetically, worried Mark would blame him.

"You can leave," Mark said to the subordinate. With a sigh, that man left. Mark closed his laptop and looked at Rachel. "Take a walk with me."

Rachel was stunned and couldn't believe her ears.

Mark had never said such words to anyone. For most part, he was silent and expressionless.

His sudden desire to take a walk planted a seed of hope in her heart. He had actually taken the initiative to ask her for a walk!

Although Rachel restrained the joy on her face, her heart leapt with joy.

The back hill garden was full of flowers. The colorful garden mirrored her mood.

She looked sideways at Mark who stood near her. There was something different about his manner. Although he was as silent as usual, she could detect some emotions in his expression.

There was a gentleness she had never witnessed before. She took it as a good sign.

Looking at the shadow of them walking side by side on the ground, Rachel wished to do it for the rest of her life. Although she knew that he didn't like her, she hoped with time he would learn to love her. All she needed was a chance!

"M, just say what you want to say."

Mark stopped and looked at her, a trace of surprise in his deep-set eyes.

It seemed like she had predicted he had something to say.

He held her shoulders with both hands and said, "Rachel, please don't waste your time with me. I don't think I can ever love you."

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