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   Chapter 26 As stupid as a Goose

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Mark also wondered why he said something like that to her. In fact, he didn't care whether he would let her go or not. That would not make any difference. She would always be by his side.

The biggest difference was that he couldn't get whatever he want from her.

Even so, he was still unwilling to let her go.

As if in his heart, it was good to keep it going like this!

Jessie looked at him and could not say a word for a long time. After a while, she pushed him away and limped upstairs.

After Mark left, Rachel looked at the second floor and thought for a while before she went upstairs.

"If you want to leave, I can help you."

Leaning against the door frame, with her arms crossed, Rachel wanted to see if Jessie was really going to leave, or what tricks she was playing.

Jessie looked sideways and asked, "Really?"

Rachel snorted coldly, "Of course! Except M, I have the right to make any decision here."

"But he just said that I can't go out without his consent. Aren't you afraid of offending him?"

"It's none of your business. Are you leaving or not? Or you didn't plan to leave at all. You pretended to be just now?"

Rachel raised her eyebrows and asked skeptically.

Seeing that Jessie was silent, Rachel got anxious.

"Why don't you say anything? Don't tell me that you have changed your mind. In fact, you just want to enjoy M's protection here, don't you? You are playing tricks."

"Don't try to goad me into action."


Rachel's body became stiff, and she glared at Jessie.

She was too arrogant.

She said that she stimulated her on purpose!

Yes, she did. So what?

"Since you know what I mean, why are you still here! Don't you know what to do?"

"What is it? I don't understand."

"What... Jessie, if you dare to be so arrogant again, I will kill you at once!"

Rachel didn't know what to say. She just pointed a gun at Jessie.

She was already very courteous to her as she talked with her for a long time today. How could she be so arrogant! She had never talked nonsense like this before!

Jessie glanced at her contemptuously, as if she was not afraid of the gun in her hand at all.

She had already known from those men that Rachel was a killer. Also she was an excellent killer. She was not surprised that Rachel pointed gun at her.

After all, killers were ineloquent. It was common for them to take out a gun and kill someone without saying a word. Those excuses and eloquence were nothing to them.

However, she never knew the feeling that a scholar is always wrong when he is in front of a gunman.

It was really a living nightmare.

"Jessie, are you leaving or not?" Rachel asked again.

"Let's go!" Jessie snorted. If she didn't leave, Rachel would shoot her.

"Okay, let's discuss the escape route."


At twelve o'clock in the middle of the night, Jessie and Rachel came to the hall to gather as planned.

Looking at her black night clothes and a sniper gun behind her, Jessie's eyes twitched. The outfit was indeed perfect, but did they really need these?

She was just running away, not really going to fight a battle!

She prepared too much!

"Why are you dressing like this?" Jessie asked out of curiosity.

"It's not easy to be found."

"How about this one?" Jessie pointed at the sniper gun she carried. Rachel said, "Oh, I'm used to it. I will carry it whenever I have actions. It's a sense of security."

Jessie was speechless. 'Miss Rachel, are you sure you're here to help me, not to have fun?'

It was only a few hundred meters from the villa to the gat

e of the manor. It would take a few minutes to get there if you walked as a normal person. However...

Jessie looked at Rachel who was jumping around like crazy, she felt hopeless.

She even started to wonder why she would follow her plan of running away in the middle of the night!

There was an old saying that a weak teammate does you more harm than a strong enemy. And that was the reflection of someone in front of her.

"Hey, can you walk like a normal person? You always jump around like this. Aren't you tired?" Jessie couldn't bear to see her like this anymore. As she wandered around, before they arrived at the door, she must have been dizzy because of her.

"You know nothing about it. If we all go out like you, we will be shot. I don't want to die so ugly." Rachel leaned against the wall and looked around at the same time, trying to see if there was anything suspicious.

Jessie didn't know how to reply. Did she really think that she was a spy?

She would be very lucky if she could escape like this.

Nothing happened along the way.

Seeing how complacent Rachel was, Jessie was really worried about her intelligence.

The manor was weird. It had been guarded 24 hours a day, but there was no sign of them tonight. Besides, there were cameras everywhere. She believed that there must be someone watching them.

She didn't understand why Rachel didn't feel it at all and was still complacent about it!

Jessie shook her head helplessly.

In the monitoring room of the main building, Mark was watching the screen, with his fingers tapping on the table. Everyone had thought that he would be pissed off, but unexpectedly, his cold face revealed a ghostly smile.

It seemed to be a good thing, but the others were terrified by the instinct.

"Hey, the door is open. Let's go."

Seeing that Rachel was waving to her, Jessie sped up. But when she walked to the door, all of a sudden, several lights turned on, lighting up the place originally dark.

"Rachel." Jessie raised her head and cast a glance at Rachel, asking her what to do now. But before she could do anything, Rachel stood in front of her and said, "You can leave now. I will stay here to help you."

Jessie was dazed. Was she the Rachel she knew?

She asked her to leave and she would stay here to take the consequence?

Or she would rather die than let Jessie stay here.

Jessie was confused.

"Why are you still standing there? Hurry up!" Rachel urged again.

"Do you think she can get out of here?"

With his hands in his pockets, Mark walked over slowly with a confident look, while Nick behind him kept winking at Rachel with an anxious look.

"M, why... Why are you here?" Rachel asked with a guilty look. It was the first time she had betrayed him.

"Rachel, do you think that no matter what you do, I won't punish you? I believe that I have made it clear this morning that she won't be able to leave here without my consent. Why are you still doing this? If you feel comfortable living outside, I don't mind sending you back to R Country."

"No way! I don't want to go back." Biting her lower lip, Rachel looked at Mark fearfully, as if she was a kid who had made a mistake and admitted her mistake in front of her parents.

Jessie was speechless. Was she really a killer?

Where was her morale?

Why did she feel that she was worse than her!

"Don't blame her. It was all my idea." Jessie cast a glance at Rachel and said to Mark, "Thank you for saving me many times, but I believe that you know clearly that I don't belong here. So please let me go."

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