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   Chapter 25 Double-Face Or Hard to Say

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Jessie didn't sleep last night. Perhaps she was not used to it, or perhaps because she slept too much the day before yesterday. She couldn't fall asleep. She tossed and turned all night, but she couldn't fall asleep no matter how hard she tried. So, she got up early.

"Good morning, Mrs. Jessie."

"…… Good morning."

Although everyone called her 'Mrs. Jessie'. Jessie was still not used to it. She could not explain too much, so she had to say hello to them.

"How could you say that you had nothing to do with M! You are so hypocritical."

Not far away, a woman's sneering voice came. Even without looking, Jessie knew who she was. There was only one person here who despised her the most.

It was Rachel.

She really didn't know why Rachel was jealous. If Rachel and M were close friends as they said, she should know well about M. But now it seemed something was wrong here.

Even if she had intimate relation with M, even if they lived in the same room now, and even if they had kissed, it didn't mean anything.


Thinking of this, Jessie felt there was something wrong. They seemed to have done everything they could not do. Even she could not convince herself in this situation, how could she convince others?

She sighed in her heart. She turned around and walked into the villa.

Seeing that Jessie just left without saying a word to her, Rachel stamped her feet angrily.

"Jessie, don't go. Let's have a talk." She had never seen such an arrogant woman who treated her as transparent?

'Does she think she could ignore others with Mark's protection? How could she be so arrogant?'

Rachel trotted after her, and saw Jessie entering the kitchen. She questioned, "Hey, what are you doing?"

Jessie cast a glance at her and said, "Just make breakfast."

"Are you trying to seduce M again? Everyone can make breakfast. I can do it too."


Jessie was speechless. She could do whatever she wanted.

At this moment, two women in apron were cooking breakfast in the kitchen. One's breakfast was looking good and smelling good, while the other's...

"Ah, I failed again!"

"Ah, it's so salty."

"Ah! Ah! Ah!"

There was loud noise in the kitchen. Outside the kitchen, Jessie and Mark were having breakfast leisurely.

Jessie asked, "Do you really not want to see what's happening there? Be careful about your kitchen. It would be burnt."

"Let her go." Mark said.

Jessie glanced at him and said, "You are so rich. I think you need to build more kitchens, so that she can practice more."

With a sly grin, Mark asked, "Are you jealous?"


Was it necessary for her to be jealous?

Wait! Why should she be jealous? She had nothing to do with him!

Jessie sneered disdainfully. When she was about to get some sushi she made, she saw that Mark stretched out his long arm and put the last sushi into his mouth directly.

She instantly opened her eyes wide and stared at him: "Hey, why are you eating my sushi? You have eaten up all the four dishes I made. Will you die for leaving one to me?" There were many food here. Couldn't he have something else?

"Oh? Why don't you just cook more tomorrow. You will get ugly if you get angry in the early morning. Honey, cook more tomorrow."


Jessie gritted her teeth. What a shameless man.

If she didn't get up early this morning and just wanted to eat sushi, she wouldn't cook breakfast!

Besides, s

he hadn't tasted it yet!

That really drove Jessie crazy.

"M, come and have a taste. This is the first time I have cooked breakfast in my life." After two hours of hardworking, Rachel finally came out with a plate of food.

It looked bad, not to mention the taste.

"M, why don't you give it a try?" Rachel said, pouting and staring at Mark with expectation. It was the first time that she had cooked something special for him. He should at least have a taste.

"That's right. Give it a try. She made it for you. Don't let her down."

"Sure. Give it a try."

Looking at the food in front of him, Mark frowned.

Could this kind of black and yellow food really eat?

Finally, Mark gave it a try in a bitter look under Rachel's expectation.

It was so bitter that he could never forget it.

Rachel didn't want to give up. She ate the breakfast prepared by Jessie. She complained in her heart, 'Just a breakfast. Not a big deal. She wasn't good at cooking. But she was definitely the best for shooting and kungfu. She was the queen of killers' world. Who else could be better than her as a killer. She was one of the best killers in the world. Jessie was nothing!'

At the thought of this, Rachel felt much better.

However, killing... Was it something good?

As a matter of fact, there was nothing worth compare.

"Well... Please send someone to drive me back. I should go home now."

Mark stared at Jessie. His eyes were as sharp as the deep ocean. It was difficult to understand what's in his mind.

The atmosphere, suddenly became tense and quiet.

Mark didn't say a word. For a moment, Jessie could not figure out what he meant.

Leave or stay? She just needed a word.

However, he chose to remain silent.

Not only Mark, Rachel also kept silent.

Although Mark didn't say anything, she could tell that he was unhappy. Although she was happy that Jessie would leave, she dared not say a word at this moment.

At this moment, Mark was like a lion who was trying to restrain his anger. Anyone who said something would be in trouble.

Smart as she was, how could she do something stupid?

When she saw that Mark didn't say a word or give her a look, Jessie was angry and anxious.

"Are you going to send me back or not? Why do you keep silent? If you don't want to send me back, I'll go by myself."

Then she stood up and was ready to leave.

"Do you think you can get out of here without my permission?"

"So what the hell do you want?" Jessie looked at him and said in a low voice, "You know clearly that I can't stay here. Why do you force me to do that?"

"Force you?" Mark stood up and put his face close to Jessie's. "I can see that you have always enjoyed here, my touch, kiss and even... I can't see any reluctance in you. Otherwise, I wouldn't have done those things to you. Jessie. I don't like women who say yes and mean No."

Jessie gritted her teeth in anger, but she could not refute him at all.

Did she like him?

Impossible! How could she fall in love with such a man?

She didn't even know his name. How could she say she liked him?

It was so ridiculous.

But when she thought back, it seemed that she had never resisted him, no matter for kissing or embrace...

She could even feel her heart beating!

'No. Are you insane?' Jessie thought to herself. 'Your husband is Mark, not the gang leader in front of you. Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!'

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