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   Chapter 24 Oops! Public Display of Affection Again

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With his hands in his trouser pockets, Mark looked at Rachel and sighed. Then he walked towards the boxing ring.

"Rachel, stop it. Come down."


Seeing Mark, Rachel couldn't help but think of Jessie, and how they kissed just now. Then she got angrier.

"Come down! Don't let me say it again!"

Seeing Mark's face darken, everyone's heart couldn't help trembling. They looked at each other with panic.

Knowing that Mark was angry, Rachel took off her boxing gloves. When she was about to get off, one of his people ran over in a hurry and said, "Sir, Mrs. Jessie is leaving the manor."

"What? Damn!" Then he walked towards the gate of the manor without looking back.

Seeing Mark left, Rachel gritted her teeth and clenched her fists. She didn't even notice that her nails pierced into her flesh.

Jessie, I won't let you go!

When Jessie was about to sneak out of the villa, she saw Mark coming angrily. He picked her up, walked into the villa, and threw her into the sofa.

"Hey, do you want to kill me! It's killing me! Watch your manner!" Touching her hurt buttock, Jessie complained constantly.

If she hadn't hurt her ankle, she would have run away. He would have no chance to catch her and tumble her!

Are you kidding!

"Manner? You can't even take care of yourself. Why should I do?"

"I did take good care of myself, okay?" she said. He knew nothing about it! She had taken medical credits in school in order to take good care of herself. As long as she got a doctor license, she could be registered for business directly.

Didn't take care of myself...

Did he really think that he knew her well?


Mark looked at her with his sharp eyes, so that Jessie could not help but feel nervous. She asked, "Why are you looking at me?"

He squinted at her with a smile and said, "Why? Nothing. What do you think I can do in public? Or, what do you want me to do to you?"


Was he saying a tongue twister?

Jessie was confused. But she could feel a kind of danger in the air.

Her hand grasped the couch tightly and her eyes was fixed on Mark.

Suddenly, Mark ran to her and grabbed her sprained ankle. While he twisted it slightly, Jessie gave a painful scream.

Mark sat on the tea table and put her feet on his legs. He would try to twist it again if Jessie contradicted him.

He knew it was painful. As long as she felt it, that's what he wanted.

He wanted her to know what pain was!

Jessie felt so hurt that she didn't even have the energy to scold. She curled her lips and looked at her feet with tears in her eyes.

"How do you feel now? Does it hurt? Look at your feet. Is this the way you 'love' yourself? Do you want to try again? I don't mind serving you again."

"You're insane! Why don't you go to see a doctor! You knew my feet were injured, but you still treated me like that. Do you really want to see me die from pain? I thought you were a good man, but I didn't expect you to be so bad. Get out! No one can touch the feet of a good woman like me!"

Jessie drew back her foot heavily, "My God! It hurts!" As she accidentally put forth too much strength, her foot hit the tea table. Jessie felt a sharp pain, and even tears came out of her eyes.

"Admit it. You're stupid. I'm really curious how you've lived for more than 20 years. Show your feet to me."

"No. I'd rather die."

"How can you die without my permission?"

It seemed that they were fighting, but they didn't know how intimate their conversation was. His men who stood by got goose bumps.

The crowd couldn't help but cry in their heart, 'Mr. Mark, you do

n't need to show off your love in this way. Please control yourself. Don't do this to us!'

After Mark left, Rachel thought over and over, she didn't want to give in. Why was Mark so anxious when Jessie wanted to leave? She really wanted to see what was so attractive about Jessie. Why Mark would fascinate her like this!

However, when she just arrived at the door of the villa, she heard their quarrel. When she walked into the villa, she felt like her heart was filled with cotton, which made her unable to breathe.

He didn't want her to die!

How could he rub her feet and apply medicine for her!

How could he let her scold him like that? And even if she asked him to get out, he still teased her patiently...

Rachel opened her mouth slightly and looked up into the sky with her eyes wide open. She tried hard not to let the tears fall.

Was she better than her?

For what?

She had risked her life with M. She had taken a bullet for him, regardless of her own life. But what about her?

Although she said she had nothing to do with him, she still hooked M by all means once she turned around. Rachel resentfully looked at the two people who were flirting with each other in front of her. When Mark gently asked 'still hurt?' Rachel answered in her mind, 'it hurts!'

Right, her heart hurt so much that she almost forgot to breathe.

However, he never knew her pain.

Every time Jessie showed up, Mark's change always made everyone happy. Although they thought that Rachel would be a perfect match for Mr. Mark, they didn't dare to say anything more when their master fell in love with another woman.

But every time they saw Rachel's lonely face, they couldn't help but feel pity for her.

"Miss Rachel, why don't you go to bed. It's late? Women always say that they need a beauty sleep." Seeing that Rachel was sitting alone next to the boxing ring, Nick walked over.

Raising her eyes and looking at him, Rachel lowered her head and said nothing.

Nick sat next to her. Seeing that she didn't say anything, he kept silent too.

Sometimes, speechless company would be better than any other means of comfort.

After a long time, Rachel said, "You are all very kind to her, so kind... I'm a little jealous."

She made fun of herself, but it was so heartbreaking.

After a short pause, Nick laughed and said, "Why do you think we treat her well? If she was not Mr. Mark's wife, if it was not because of him, she would be a stranger to us in our eyes. How can she be compared with you? We used to fight together."

"Yes." Rachel replied softly.

They used to fight together. However, what they had experienced could not made her win!

Nick was annoyed when he saw Rachel sad.

He had intended to comfort her, but he didn't expect to make her even sadder.

"Miss Rachel, don't be sad. Mrs. Jessie is a good person, but in our heart, you are the best. You know, people are blind when they have a relationship. They usually see something far away from them, but they can't see anything that is close to them. You have your own advantages too. Maybe someone who likes you is at your side, but you didn't notice that?"

"Really?" Rachel looked at Nick in surprise, "Yes, you are right. Why should I be sad? M likes that woman, but he doesn't realize that I'm good too. Yes, that's it. Thank you, Nick."

Nick was speechless. He wanted to cry but had no tears when he saw Rachel left happily.

He just wanted her to see other excellent people around her. Maybe him! But she misunderstood him!

Why did everyone only see Mr. Mark and ignore others!

Nick started to cry!

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