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   Chapter 23 She is My Wife!

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"Well, Miss Rachel, what are you coming here for today?"

"It's none of your business!" Rachel Yan stared at him, "You've got too much time? How about I ask M to send you to Africa?"

"…… I seem to have forgotten something. Help yourself, Miss Rachel." Then he disappeared in the hall in a flash.

Rachel Yan couldn't help but burst into laughter. He was really a flash mob.

In the room, two people were kissing with tender and romantic feelings.

Mark wanted to make fun of Jessie, but he didn't expect to be trapped in the kiss.

He couldn't help kissing her, unable to control himself.

One of them was sitting and the other was standing. Now, Mark had put her down.

All of a sudden, a voice came from behind, "M, what are you doing?" The voice interrupted all the passion in the room, and also drew back Jessie's long lost consciousness and mind.

All of a sudden, she pushed Mark away and quickly put her dress in order. But she didn't know how sexy her nightgown was. One look at her would surely allow someone's fancy to run wild.

Jessie's face flushed and she bowed her head guiltily, feeling very depressed.

A faint smile played on Mark's lips. Standing up, he looked at Rachel Yan, who was at the door, and asked, "Rachel, why are you here?"

'Why am I here?

How dare you ask me why I am here?'

Rachel Yan fulminated with anger inside. If she hadn't shown up in time, maybe they will spend the whole day in the room today.

"M, who is she?" Rachel Yan asked angrily.

"She?" Mark turned his face to take a glance at Jessie. With a slight smile, he said, "She is my wife!"



Both Rachel Yan and Jessie were surprised.

"No, No. How come I became your wife? I have nothing to do with you. Stop talking nonsense." Jessie explained at once. She didn't even know his name. She also didn't know when she had become his wife!

"Are you sure?" Mark questioned.

"Yes, I'm sure."

"But we have already done it."

We have done...done...done, and already....

Jessie was desperate.

Who the hell would say "we have done it" as usual as "I had lunch?"!

She glanced at the woman who was standing at the door. Her face had turned green because of anger. It was easy to tell that she wanted to kill her immediately. Jessie could imagine that at this moment, what she wanted was not only to kill her, but also to tear her into pieces. She couldn't imagine what other horrible consequences there would be.

Rachel Yan gritted her teeth and glared at Jessie.

Another tease!

"M, I know you have many women around you, but how can you be with such kind of woman?" She couldn't accept the fact. M didn't even like her since she was such a beautiful girl. How could he like a woman like that?

Mark asked, "Which kind of woman?"

"Which kind of woman? Look at her eyes like dead fish, bunny face, black eyebrows and rough hair. There is nothing can be called beautiful. Besides, look at her figure. She is so skinny and has a small bust... This kind of woman doesn't even have any flesh. Do you feel good holding her and kissing her? M, I don't care if you choose a woman more beautiful than me. How can you... How can you..."

The more Rachel Yan said, the more sorrowful she felt. Looking at her sobbing, Jessie was speechless.

'I, who was disparaged, didn't even cry. How could she cry while disparaging me?' Jessie sighed, what happened to the world?

Hearing what Rachel Yan said,

Jessie didn't want to argue at all. It was her business and she didn't care what she would think at all.

She just wanted to correct the misunderstanding as soon as possible.

However, there was always someone who wanted to make the matter worse. He would be happy if things went out of control.

"Rachel, I hope you won't say that again. She is my beloved woman. I don't allow anyone to slander her. Besides, it doesn't matter whether she was in good shape or pretty at all. What matters most is that she can satisfy me."

Jessie was shocked again.

Damn it! Was he a devil?

How could he lie righteously?

No, she must stay away from him!

All males were the representative of devil, especially this man. He was the Satan of the hell.

Jessie deeply believed that she couldn't win against him!

"M... Humph!" Rachel Yan hummed and went downstairs reluctantly.

Thinking of her tearful eyes, Jessie asked, "Are you having fun? You know she likes you, but you still made fun of her. What are you up to?"

Loving someone was the hardest thing. If it was an unrequited love, it would be even more exhausting.

From the moment one was born, he or she had been searching for his or her own partner in such a vast sea of people. It was not easy to meet someone he or she fell in love with. It would be even more difficult for two people truly fell in love with each other.

Although Jessie didn't believe in love, she had longed for the happiness of love.

Even though she felt that love was meaningless, she could not bear to see anyone who didn't take others' heart seriously.

All of a sudden, she stood up in front of Mark and said in a low voice, "I know you are outstanding. There must be a lot of girls around you. Maybe you don't care about them, but you can't make fun of them. It wasn't a game which you can stop easily. Do you know how much courage it took to fall in love with someone? A move, a word, even just a look would have a huge impact on them. I don't know if you've ever experienced heartbreak. I've tried, it's really painful, and it's so painful that I can hardly breathe. Therefore, I hope you can explain to her as soon as possible."

Then she walked past him to the bathroom.

Mark stared at the closed door of the bathroom with an unreadable expression glimmering in his eyes.


She felt so painful that she could hardly breathe?

Jessie, you said you didn't believe in love!

Then, why have you experienced heartbreak?

Training Field on the Back Hill

Today, Rachel Yan came here for two purposes. One was to fulfill her mission, and the other was to see Mark. However, she didn't expect that she would see them kissing.


"Where is Rachel?"

Looking at the left front boxing ring, Nick raised his eyebrows and said, "Miss Rachel is in a bad mood. She came back and began to beat up our people. Five of them have been beaten already.

Nick could not help his heartache when he saw Rachel Yan beating up their people.

She felt comfortable by beating people. The ones beaten up weren't happy at all!

Since everyone were equal to each other. Didn't she know about sympathy?

Thinking of this, he felt Mrs. Jessie was better.

At least, she just made some explosions which scared them to death. But no one got hurt, right?

At the thought of this, Nick couldn't help shivering and yelled inside, 'Both of them are not easy to deal with. I feel so terrible'!

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