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   Chapter 22 Didn't Know How to Kiss Let Me Show You

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Jessie paused for a while and said, "Let me tell you a story. It's about me. Do you want to know?"

When she saw Mark nodded, Jessie sighed deeply, and looked at the entrance of the cave meaningfully.

"My mother was born in a literary family. The rules of the family were very strict, especially marriage. It was generally decided by the parents. However, in order to refuse the arranged marriage, my mother chose to run away from home. And then she met my father during this period of time. In consideration of her family background, my mother resolutely chose my father and decided to break off with my grandfather...My mother was a very simple person. She always thought that my father would love her all his life. She didn't expect that my father had an affair not long after she was pregnant.

Before I was ten years old, I felt very happy. Although my father had another woman outside, at least we could feel that he still cared about our family, cared about me and my mother. However, as time went by, my father was getting more and more impatient to us. In the end, he even took his mistress home and they gave birth to a child, my half-sister.

Nevertheless, Mom still had a glimmer of hope for Dad. She always felt that Dad would change his mind one day. However, the birth of my younger brother made the whole family completely fragmented."

Jessie was very reluctant to think of that memory, because all her happiness came to an abrupt end.

Darren was born and brought up in a rural place, so he was conservative in his thoughts and mind. Although he never mentioned about having a son, he incisively and vividly spoke and behaved in a way that he preferred sons to daughters.

When Irene got pregnant for the second time, she always hoped to have a boy. She did this in order to win Darren's love. She still remembered the joy on Darren's face as if he had obtained the most precious treasure when the baby was brought out and claimed to be a boy.

Actually, when her younger brother was born, she was also very happy.

She felt that their father would come back to them if she had a little brother. If she had a little brother, their family would be a complete family.

However, this joy only lasted for one day. When the doctor announced that her younger brother was a child with cerebral palsy, the hope of the whole family collapsed in an instant.

After that, her younger brother was sent away. Irene became mentally ill. She beat and scolded her, cried and screamed. She often tried to kill her with a knife.

Seeing her mother suffer like this, Jessie felt pain in her heart like being needled.

She once asked her mother why she was still here, why she didn't leave Darren to live a new life. However, there were only one word that Irene replied to her: willingness!

It's true that one should learn to take the result calmly no matter what he or she does. That's her choice.

It was said that I would keep walking on my way I have chosen, even on my knees... What Irene did was the truest reflection of it.

She loved Darren desperately. But as their daughter, she suffered the most.

Looking at Jessie, Mark had mixed feelings. He was touched by Jessie's honesty in the bottom of his heart.

At least, he could see her sincerity.

"Why did you agree to marry Mr. Mark? For money?" Mark asked.

Jessie smiled helplessly and said, "I did that not only for money, but also for the power of the Lan family. I used to hope that Mark could help me getting my brother back home, and let Mom leave Darren... But now it seems that..."


What Mark did kept Jessie in a cold and hopeless situation.

They chatted for a long time. Jessie talked the most. Mark was listening all the time.

Not knowing how long they had chatted, finally, Jessie couldn't resist the sleepiness. After as

king 'I didn't know your name yet', Jessie leaned her head to Mark's shoulder and fell asleep.

With a faint smile, Mark looked at the little woman who fell asleep on his shoulder. A touch of warmth gradually appeared in his deep cold eyes.

His hand gently ran over the wet hair on her face.

Jessie, which one was the real you?

The restrained one? The smart one? The simple one? The kind one? Or...

These are all not you!


When Jessie woke up again, she had left the cave and lay on a comfortable big bed.

Outside the window, the sun was shining brightly and the sky was cloudless. The storm that had happened last night was nowhere to be seen.

Sunlight fell on her body through the window. Jessie stretched lazily. She didn't remember how long she had not slept well like this.

"You woke up?" Hearing a deep voice of a man, Jessie quickly drew back her arms that had just stretched out, looking at the man in front of her in horror.

"You! Why! Why are you here?"

"Why not? This is my room."


Jessie looked around the room. Yeah, why was she here? This was totally different from the room she used to live in.

"Then why do you let me sleep here? You have other rooms here."

"My woman should sleep here! Where else do you want to sleep?"

Jessie widened her eyes in surprise.

Suddenly, she laughed and said while pretending to be relaxed, "Come on. It's not funny at all."

"Funny?" After taking a glance at her, Mark walked to the end of the bed, supported himself with both hands on the bed and moved closer to her. In a serious tone, he said, "I have never touched virgin before. Since I was your first man, of course I have to be responsible for it. Unless... You don't want me!"

This time, Jessie was shocked again.


First man!


She gave her first time to him!


How could it be him!

That night... It was him!

She gazed at the man in front of her. No way! That's impossible!

"Don't lie to me. I'm married. I'm not a virgin!"

"Really?" Raising his eyebrows, Mark thought, 'I'll see how long you can pretend.' He lifted her chin with one finger and said with a slight smile, "Body is always more honest than your words. Let's have a review, so that your body can tell you the true answer."

Just then, he kissed that stunned red lips before Jessie could react.

"Close your eyes!"


"Don't you know how to kiss?"


"Okay, let me show you."

At the same time. Downstairs.

"Miss...Miss Rachel, why are you here?"

"Nick, what happened to your tongue? Why are you stammering? Or have you done something bad?"


With a guilty conscience, Nick looked upstairs, sweating profusely.

Now, let's see something fun!

Rachel Yan, was known as the queen of the killers' world. She was not only good looking, good at shooting, but also born in a good family. It was said that she seemed to be the unruly little princess of a country. She and Mark are a perfect match.

Most importantly, Miss Rachel thought so too.

He still remembered that when Mr. Mark was assassinated by an assassin, the female killer sent here fell in love with him uncontrollably after she saw him. After Miss Rachel knew about it, she posted a war post to look for competitors for duel.

Finally... That female killer was easily kicked out.

The scene was shocking, unbelievable, valiant, formidable!

She had a crush on Mark, but Mark didn't love her.

The ending was: she failed!

Nick couldn't help shivering at the thought of the scene that these women were kicked out by Rachel Yan

However, he was also curious about which one was more powerful, Mrs. Jessie or Rachel Yan.

It seemed that Mrs. Jessie was not easy to deal with too. They were shocked by Mr. Mark's incredible behavior last night.

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